Saturday, December 02, 2006

One week to go

I can't believe that i have only one week left here at home.. I am so NOT satisfied with my holidays.. and how i have to go back 4 days earlier just for some stuff.. Cheh..

And i haven't gotten my Natural 2005 Tour DVD yet! Please, i hope that it will be in my post box next week.. *prays hard*

ORANGE RANGE have been working really, really hard. Although their sold out

has not end yet (the last date is on the 13th of December) and their latest album, ORANGE RANGE will be released in 4 days' time, the official site has already announced date for next year's tour, which will commence on the 31st of March..

* both pictures taken from *
I am really proud and happy that the boys are working hard at their jobs, and i'm sure they are doing this for the love of their fans, and for the love of music. But i hope the boys will not overwork themselves too much... i wonder why they are rushing..

What are they chasing? The stars? The rainbow?

I hope the boys will always be in their best conditions. Cos, they still have to be around to perform in concerts for ME to watch. Yeah, i will be missing next year's tour, next next year's tour and the year after next next year's tour.. but i hope that after i graduate (i give myself 5 years from now, but it won't hurt if it's sooner), i will be able to have sufficient money to go to Japan and watch them.. or miraculously, SONY MUSIC will be nice enough to get their butts here in this region.. =P

Music Lovers caps! Shouldn't have resized.. but nevermind.. mwahahaha

I love his smiles.. i really do.. and i don't mind that his teeth are a little off.. very cute!

I wish lala...

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  1. what?!! going back to uni already?? why so fast wan? how long were ur hols?

    and don't be so pessimistic about NOT being able to watch them perform in the next 5 years...u never know...

    I'll see u tmr then. heh heh


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