Sunday, December 03, 2006


RM10 down the drain..

I would dare say the lamest movie i've watched so far is The Host.

Me and my classmates went to 1U to watch it today and gawd!.. it's like so DUMB, man! I mean, how come there was only one mutated creature after 6 years? There should be more! And.. and.. i should stop wasting my time complaining and focus on the good things.. I got to see my friends after like a few months of not seeing them! YAY!

The very dangerous Yuen and Jia Lin, venting out their frustration and stress on The House of the Dead, where they almost reach the stage to defeat the big baddddddd... boss-monster! Woo-hoo!

Anyways, this was before the lame movie. Mwahahaha... and then after the lame movie, we went to Shakey's Pizza for lunch, where i saw Datuk K (YES, THE Datuk K, y'know Siti Nurhaliza's husband) with his sons.. i think.. =P

My sister succeeded in downloading Best Artist 2006 where Orange Range performed Champione in another studio.. hehehe.. currently uploading it so that i can put it up on the forum and my xanga.. =)


Hiroki! I love it when he smiles!!! Yipee!

RYO!!! Kakkkooooiiiiiii!!!!....

Yamato-san! His hair is longer than mine! *guffaws*

The boy who will turn 23 soon.. ehehehe.. YOH

Naoto!!! what's with the expression?

BALLOONS! They shud be in RANGEs of ORANGE! Lalalalalalala...

NEW CDs i bought:

BLEACH Original Soundtrack 1 & 2 and Do As Infinity's Do The Best "Great Supporters Selection". DAI's CD really good and i'm glad that i bought it although it took out RM88.00 from my wallet.. mwahahaaha.. too bad they're not together anymore..

OST of Korean drama, Princess Hours/Goong.. i like the show (i'm not a big fan of Korean dramas... too much DRAMA.. but this one is good.. and sweet... and the songs are nice to listen to too.. me like! me like!

I bought Yoh a birthday card.. do you'll think it's too girly or something? Haha.. Whateverla.. It's the thought that counts innit?
Oh! I hope it's not THAT late to congratulate Nicol David for winning the world title for the second consecutive time. You go girl! Malaysia.. ROAR!!!!

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