Monday, December 04, 2006

The Last Name

I read in The Star that Death Note: The Last Name will be out in Malaysia in February next year. I have no idea how i'm gonna run back home to watch this show.. They should show it in April... waitla for me. Or they should start showing.. NOW.

Orange Range will be included in a Death Note tribute album due to be released on the December 20, 2006. Wow.. sugoii.. it seems that the boys are fans of the manga. ^^ I had finished watching the 9th episode of the anime. Light is so so so much evil in the anime. His evil laughs and smile.. eeewwwww.. jahatnyer..

Anyways, Takeuchi Yuko and Nakamura Shidou are divorced. I'm not sure if the paperwork's all done.. One and a half years. Heh. Btw, Nakamura Shidou does the voice for Ryuk. Me and my sis was like "WHATTTT???!!!!!" Hehehe.. Hope everything goes well after their separation.. and their son will grow up happily and healthily.

My upload for Best Artist 2006 (of Orange Range and Arashi) is 83% done! Almost there.. Hurry up.. i need to tidurla..


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