Saturday, November 25, 2006

WANG madness

He is, in my opinion, one of the most talented Asian artists.. no screw that out.. one of the most talented artists i've known (NO, i don't know him personally).. he sings, he multi-plays (instruments, mind you), he dances (not as good as Rain or the Lead boys, i must admit), he acts, he writes/composes/etc and he's so good-looking/cute/HOT... yadada..

One of the most successful musicians around.

Hail Heroes of Earth Live Concert 2DVD+2CD set plus 52 pages of photos booklet. Phew!

The front

The back

The DVDs and CDs

The lyrics and photo booklets

pictures! Wheeee

These are some of the shots i took... exclusively for Feli... mwhahahaha...

Anyways, let's talk bout the concert. I must say, i did not enjoy it as much as how i enjoyed musiQ 005 tour (Orange Range), maybe it's because i'm more of a band person. But, i admit that i would enjoy the whole show if i was at the concert itself. Beautifully choreographed, especially how Chinese culture was mixed with hip-hop.. Mr. Wang himself showed that he's not just a pretty face: his abilities to play around with the melodies, singing his songs differently from the ones in his albums.. and he played the electric guitar, the piano, the er-hu, the acoustic guitar, the violin, the drums.. yeah.. i guess i didn't miss anything out.. And he danced! Yeap.. but maybe because he's not a dancer, so he didn't look that good dancing... but he sure had fun dancing!

Female fans might freak out during Girlfriend, where he shared sexy dance moves with his dancer (i laughed!) and ended up smooching each other! Well, it was fake! And she tore his shirt off.. Woo-hoo!! *cleans eyes*

Lee Hom also let his band share the stage with him which i thought was cool.. the drummer, Ujang is a Malaysian!!!! and one of the guitarists hailed from Australia+Malaysia (cos he's married to a Malaysian) and the younger guitarist, also from Australia, which is like one of the cutest Australians i've ever seen, is my age! He's 20!!! AGH!!! So cute!!! So tall..!!! *faints*

Anyways, i salute Wang Lee Hom for his talents. He's a good singer, a good musician, a good guy to cuci mata... but i can't help crying when he performed certain songs. The first song that made me cry was Kiss Goodbye. Hoho. You can see that when he performed his love songs, the slow ones especially, at certain parts, you can actually see that he feels lonely.. the hollowness in his eyes (those beautiful eyes).. it's as if he's thinking of someone he can't have.. Being a musician has its ups and downs.. you gain some, you lose some.. i guess he is, in a way, affected by the whole music business thingie..

Wang Lee Hom da ge, jia yoh le! I will support you all the way thru your musical journey! Oh, and go get a break, dude.. you need some.. and go get a nice girl to settle down with.. *i have no idea what i said this, i think i just want him to be happy ^^* Keep on making music! Rock On!

I want to go shopping! Say YES to Malaysian Year End Sale! Hahaha!

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