Friday, November 24, 2006

L is NOT for loser.

The reviews for it in the newspapers have been bad. So i ended up going to watch it with my 2 sisters without any expectations. And the funny thing is, we saw the trailers for the second movie even before watching the first one!


The movie turned out average for me. Maybe i did not recognize the actor who played Light Yagami. But i do recognized the dude who played L. He was Kawamoto senpai in 1 Litre of Tears and he played Black Stones' second bassist in NANA.

L is definitely nicer looking in the movie that the one in the anime. The one in the anime has funny hair. Boo-hoo. But in the movie, he looks very.. hmm.. COOL. Pale face, eyeliner dosed eyes, bad slouch, obsession with sugar.. YES! I wonder how can he NOT get diabetes with all those sugar he consumed. From lollipops to doughnuts to endless chocolates, ice-cream, tea with endless sugar.. my goodness.. i think the actor playing him should be VERY sick of sugar by now.
Light. I never expected him to be BAD. I thought he was just gonna eliminate all the baddies in the world. But after he started killing all the FBIs who were pursuing him in finding-the-Kira-and-put-the-dude-in-jail case... i got so disappointed with him. Why Light?? Why??!! You're a law student. You wanna be the God of Justice. But you're killing all the innocent people! And not to mention how he jotted his girlfriend's death inside the book. He killed his girlfriend off so that they could let him into the case. Oh. My. God. So. Horrible. Even Ryuk (the freaking, careless, apple-lovin' shinigami who dropped the darn Death Note book) had to retort, "You're worse than a shinigami." Who's next? His own father? (Btw, Light's father headed the case. I was so shocked when i found out that the bladdy cop was Light's dad that i actually said, "ALAMAK!" out loud in the cinema.) BUT, Light's got nice smiles. I mean, the dude who plays him has nice smiles. So kawaii!

But i look forward to the battle of wits between Light and L on Death Note 2. My sister said that they're gonna work together to go against Misa, who in the end of the first movie, got her own Death Note book, which supposedly belonged to Ryuk's boss.

Death Note 2 : The Last Name. Who's it gonna be?

I wanna watch NANA 2 too. >.<

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