Friday, November 24, 2006


I had finished watching the first 60 episodes of BLEACH!

I can't believe i was so into it. Initially, i bought the DVD set based on impulse, but thank God i'm not regretting it.

I'm not so into animes, i barely watch TV nowadays. No, wait. I stopped watching TV after i came back from National Service. NS must have corrupted my mind. If you were to ask me what are the hottest shows on national TV at the moment, i might just shrug you off.

Anyways... hohoh... these just prove that i am so bored nowadays..

Ichigo Kurozaki is so good-looking eh? He's even hotter in his shinigami outfit. ^^!!

Abarai Renji!!!! One cool dude! I like his tattoos.. or whatever they are..

Oh, not to mention how proud i was to hear *~Asterisks~ as the opening song for the first 25 episodes (or 24?) hehehe.. kembang hidung!

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