Friday, December 08, 2006

DISTRACTED by something GOOD


The reason why i left the previous post halfway, was because Fang sent me Orange Range's new album, ORANGE RANGE, for me to listen to..

*jumps up and down*

I had been debating whether or not i should download the album, cos i wanted it to be a surprise! But.. hehehe

I'm currently listening to it right now.

Fang had warned that the album might not go down well with some of the fans, and especially to those who are not fond of techno-ish music.. like ME!

And yeah, the moment i heard Miracle, it reminded me of yumekaze (Natural), but after that, the beats started coming and.. it's dancing time!!!!!

There are rock influences, but it's amazing how they can mix and mash a lot of different genres.. and Fang mentioned that this album represents them.. so it's like introducing themselves..

Hello everybody. We're Orange Range.

I'm slowly liking the album, but of course, i'd be happier once i get it! YAY!

Orange Range, gambatte!

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