Friday, December 08, 2006

We are to blame.

Oh, please.

First, it's like blame the women for all the rape cases. Provocative/sexy dressing, looking for trouble yourselves.. yada yada.. that's old story, man. Only old-fashioned idiots like SOME people think like that.

Before SOME people brush me off and say, "Hey's it's true what??! Women wear all sexy-sexy.. Men where can tahan?!? All the ladies' faults for making us lust over them!"

Yeah, right. That's SO dumb.

Then what about those school girls who got raped on their way to or from school. They were in school uniforms right? Wow.. never have thought that some guys think school uniforms are sexy. WOW. I learnt a new stupid fact today. WOW.

And all the grandmothers, tudung-wearers, babies, little kids who got raped.. i assumed they were wearing provocative clothes, didn't they?

Bullshit, man. Just freaking bullshit. I tell you.. they all wanna blame the victims. The victims are ALL at fault.


When are you gonna start blaming all those sickos?! The predators?! The crazy, they-do-not-deserve-forgiveness-ever men who take advantages on the weaker sex.. crazy people... i would like to rip and slash their sexual organs out..

And now.. RM500 fine for those who wear sexy/tight-fitting/provocative/body-hugging/whatever that is deemed indecent to work by the Kelantan government! Truthfully, i'm ashamed. This ridiculous ruling might prevent me from wanting to go back to my hometown.. i hope that i will never get posted there when i start working!



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