Saturday, December 09, 2006


Whoa... i have only a few freaking days left!!

Anyways, went to the Justea Inter-College Battle of the Bands thingie to support Ikmal's and Dania's "Afiq and Friends", and God.. i feel like killing the organisers for putting off the show for about an hour that i couldn't watch my friends perform cos i'm scheduled to be home early.. It's true what Ikmal said.. who cares about the guest performers?! We were there to watch contestants battling it all out!!! And my friends' band had to cut one song when in fact.. they let the guest bands perform endlessly.. and all that time-wasting games and bad sound system..

And the horrible sound system broke "Afiq and Friends"'s hearts and spoilt their evening (well, their night) with the mics going off.. and the speakers weren't working or something.. i wasn't there to witness the whole incident, but i met up with Ikmal this morning and he was so, so disappointed.. plus he missed a chance on the Playstation 3 and he practically lost his voice... I feel so bad for them.. seriously... haih.. and he felt as if the band was being sabotaged by certain individuals.. hmm.. bad people are everywhere, don't they?

Anyways, i called up Kinokuniya and ordered the January issue of NEWSMAKER cos the oranges are on the cover (if it's not because of Fang, i wouldn't have known this.. Man.. i think i'm gonna apply for a job in Kinokuniya! Hoho..) Comes with an Orange Range folder!!! Man, it would be my first Orange Range stuff if i get it!!!! YAY!!! I love my oranges!!!

Oh, and a NEWSMAKER costs about RM35... did i mention i spent about RM150 the last time i went to Kinokuniya? Haih.. man.. i won't be in KL for about 4 months and i think, in that period, Orange Range will be on a lot of magazine covers... *frustration* since they had just released their album 3 days ago..

And i still haven't got my Natural tour DVD. I should start blaming the Malaysia post service, shouldn't i? And in fact, my sister's Australian friend had sent a lot of mails & items to Malaysia but she said things kept going MIA.. hmm.. *ponders*

The bottom line is, i don't want to go back to uni so soon. Haih.

* Currently watching the first season of Grey's Anatomy *

All the waiting caused us to cam-whore

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