Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Alot of things have been happening..

First and foremost, i would like to congratulate Mr. Wee Seng Kew for being one of the 1st 10 recipients for the Agong (King)'s scholarship... Omedeto gozaimasu! I remember receiving an SMS from my dad asking me to check out Utusan paper of the 2/11.. Anyways, you can read the news here: BERNAMA
A few days after that, me and mom were talking.. and i kept going 'OOoohhhhiiing' and 'AAAhhhhhiiing' over his achievement. Bleah.. So kengla him.. so jealous.. but my mom said, "You don't have to be like him. Even if you can be half as good as him it's enough." I wanted to cry after she said it.
I wonder if he realises that his Japanese dictionaries are with me?

I've just gotten back my laptop yesterday after it got infected with a virus which supposedly is trying to stop pornography. Well, it says so anyways... and it's called My Sexy. Hmmm.. i won't deny the talent that the creator has but one will think when PORNO was spelled PRONO. Hmm.. talented indeed. But screw you! You gave me such a hell! I was so heartbroken (maybe because it was the first time i met up with a virus) and was shedding tears.. uhuhuhuh.. Thank you Clement Lee. I owe you ping qi ling.

Radio Contact has updated their pics.. yeah yeah! Naoto and Hiroki wrote something about Yoh!

And this is something that Fang dedicate to her friends from her Multiply. Thank you, Fang!

Listen closely and you can hear them...
the great spirits of every tribe the ones who were here before us
Listen to what they are saying
There is one who calls himself Gandhi
and another who calls himself King
They know that the way is not easy
There is a woman named Teresa
and many who are simply known as
Grandmothers and Grandfathers
and all of them whisper into our ear...
'Don't give up' they tell us...
'Don't become cynical...'
'Take one more step...'
'There is a reason...'
- Ron Atchison, The Mayor of Inspiration Peak -

Anyways, i have Maths paper tomorrow. Haih.

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