Thursday, November 09, 2006

Turning 20

I wish that my family, friends and everyone i know to be happy, healthy and safe all the time
I wish to go to Japan to watch Orange Range
I wish to be happy
- Wee Nee Angeline, November 8 2006 -

Those were my 3 wishes as before i blew off the candles of my cakes (yeah, i had two cakes on my 20th birthday!), one after past midnight and one for dinner.

I can't believe i turned 20 yesterday. I was born 20 years ago! Oh my gosh!

I had two celebrations: well, i must say that b0oth attempts to surprise me failed (well, not so miserably, but still failed.. mwahaha) one after 0000 hours with Poo Poo suddenly dragging me towards the door and screaming "Angeline! Come and see! Got very cute kitten outside the door!" Expecting me outside were the girls: Bee Kee (holding a very delicious chocolate cake), San San, Feli and Kristen. And off they sang me a birthday song. Hehe.
At night in K.T. for dinner, the second attempt failed as Yng Jiun came to the dining table, asking the lau pan of the restaurant to switch off the fan in Mandarin, thinking i was distracted/didn't understand AND bringing along the cake-cutting knife, and trying VERY hard to conceal it with the help of Bee Kee. I played along, but in the end laughed my head off after Bee Kee laughed cos she realised i had known.. and the others urged Poo to come out.. with another cake. A peanut cake! Very nice!

It was indeed a memorable day for me.. a side from the 2 surprises, the rental car that we rented ran out of petrol just before we reached UDM on our way to town!.. hohoho.. and i thought it was part of the scheme! And it was not!

Well.. to sum it all up, my 20th birthday, although very simple.. it was a funny one.. and sad.. cos celebrating the day i turned twenty without my family.. it was hard.. cos we usually celebrate birthdays together... and now, the tradition has been broken..='( I cried yesterday night at bedtime, re-reading my father's, sister's and brother's birthday messages.. i cried so much cos i really wanted to go home at that time, i wanted to be with my parents, my sisters and my brother, i wanted them to watch me blow my 20th birthday cake.. but i couldn't..

And i felt bad/guilty during yesterday's dinner cos some of the group felt washed out/forced to be there during dinner. I am so so sorry that my birthday landed during the finals, and to me, i would rather passed the celebration if i had to see those kind of faces. I am so so sorry. Everyone was totally physically and mentally drained, and it made me feel bad. I am so so sorry.

But today, i realised that i have great friends around me, those who will never fail me whenever i need them the most, just by existing in my life.. and i should be glad.. and thankful.. And therefore, here are my thanks:

To the girls (Yng Jiun, Shih-Quan, Yen Lin, Poo, San San, Bee Kee, Rainie, Feli & Kristen), thank you for the cakes, the cute little teddy cat/bear which has a very cute butt! and the birthday card.. thank you for being there for me.. thank you for the surprises! you all still planned something although it's the exam season.. and i am very thankful for that! Thanks you! *muaks!*

To my friends who messaged me birthday greetings, thank you very much and i love all of you!

To Feli and Kristen, thank you for the printed photo of my beloved Orange Range, and so so sorry that i cried cos i didn't expect an Orange Range themed present yesterday.. but thank you so much!

To Clement, thank you for calling me at midnight to lead the boys for a beautiful (ahem!) rendition of the birthday song.. haha.. your voices worth a million bucks!

To Tham Tham, thank you for trying to make sure that i was really happy yesterday night! You are a great substitute father to me and all of the other girls!

To Jesica & Siew Cheah in UUM, thank you girls! Study hard for the finals!

To my family: Pa, Ma, Lene, Tine and Koko, thank you! I'm sorry that i'm not home.. ='(

To everyone i know, thank you so much for being with me when i turned twenty.. hontouni arigatou minna-san!
*i'm sorry if i personally missed anyone*

and to God, thank You for giving me my life, and guiding me through it, hearing my endless complains and cries patiently every night, and thank You for allowing me to live til this day. Thank You.

To add icing/whipping cream to my birthday celebration yesterday, Orange Range's new album titled ORANGE RANGE, will be released on the December 6, 2006. The pre-ordered album comes with a limited edition of a DVD and hopefully i will get that one. What a nice birthday present by Orange Range (although not for me personally).

I love the new profile picture on their official website . They all look so good!

2006.12.06/ SRCL 6446-6447/ 3,300 yen
Song listing (thanks to their official site):
M-2:チャンピオーネ ※NHKサッカードイツ大会放送テーマソング
M-3:DANCE2 feat.ソイソース ※グリコ「ポッキー極細」TV-CMソング
M-8:Walk on ※全国東宝系映画「チェケラッチョ!!」エンディングテーマ・「Town & Country」CMソング  
M-9:So Little Time feat.ペチュニアロックス
M-11:UN ROCK STAR ※Honda「ストリーム」TVCFソング・日本テレビ系「スポーツうるぐす」テーマソング(8月度)
M-12:Hello ※ディズニーチャンネル「夢中のスイッチ」キャンペーンソング
M-14:Great Escape
M-16:SAYONARA ※TBS系日曜劇場「鉄板少女アカネ!!」主題歌
M-17:Silent Night

I can see a few collaborations with other artistes! Good for the boys!
Thank you Orange Range! Looking forward to its release! Hope i'll get it before i come back after the holidays!

BTW, Maths sucked.

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  1. yo!~ glad you liked the small present. haha!! i think you gave your neighbours quite a shock though. ;)


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