Monday, October 02, 2006

Yesterday was..

Yesterday, it was Miyamori Ryo's birthday. I couln't blog on blogger because of some stOopid reason and thus, ended up blogging on my xangasite, which i would anyways, since it was one of the Orange Range's birthdays...



As for today, he is 21 years and 1 day old. Mwahaha... and i hope their concert yesterday night (which is part of their FANTAZICAL tour) rocked the house!

My sis told me that their new album might be called Orange Range, which kinds of worry me a little bit. cos usually they'll come up with cool album names, and i also expected Fantazical to be it.. but it's still not confirm though.. so.. btw, Fantazical was suggested by YOH! =o)

Fang's off to Tokyo!!! *envy*

And it seems that the boys are doing a lot of songs for more commercials.. but it's kewl. Sad case that the commercials won't be shown here... or else i might just freak out.

Anyways, got pissed off with the person who marked my Maths paper. Not only mine, but my mates as well. And i think i might have pissed the Maths lecturer off since i was so angry. But i don't think i was screaming at her, i did raise my voice, questioning the validity of the crosses on our papers, and i might have sounded rude.. but i do have the freaking rights to be mad, don't i?

Jiun's back from Pontian.

Can't wait to go out to town on Friday, yay!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYO!! ^^ u are the first Orange Range member that i was attracted to..XP (now I'm to NAOTO) gomenasai..XP and..oh yea, getting fat already i supposed..^^;; give some food to Yamato.. O_o;; i kindda scared someone might hit him and broke his bones easily..XD


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