Friday, September 29, 2006

hey ho..

Heyllow everyone..

Got back my Thermal and Modern Physics result too.. didn't fail.. but scored only like half, but i was quite surprised at my achievement.. thought that i was going to flunk.. again..

The best thing now is, KUSTEM has its own (wait, it doesn't belong to KUSTEM) mamak stall! Located at the junction before going out to the main road, it reminds me of Manja!!! Had dinner there and ate Planta Tosei... tasted so good that i approved!!!! It's great to have a mamak, although it might be hard for me and fellow students to go yam cha-ing (we are supposed to be in our hostel blocks after 12am).. but i'm quite relieved. And i'm positive that the business there will bloom.. esp. when the abang who served us had a really nice smile.. hehehehe

Yesterday, we sent Jiun to the bus station since she had to go back to Pontian for her friend's wedding.. so the 10 of us went out at 6.30pm, renting 2 Kancils, driven by Sang Chee and Tham/Ken Sheng/San San... we had dinner in this seafood place Mike 2 Seafood (if i got it right).. it's been a while since i had steambot.. although it's not really worth the money.. but i was satisfied... The 10 of us: me, Jiun, Yen, Quan, Poo, San San, Bee Kee, Ken Sheng, Tham and Sang Chee had a bonding session, though some of them were really quiet.. but i think it was a great stepping stone for us to get to know each other.. and we shall do it again! But quite disappointing that not everyone was able to go.. or some just didn't want to... but nevermind.. maybe some other time..

Gotta go find infos for Science and Technology Policy and Taekwondo! Bye!

To Fang: Yup, realised that you haven't been updating but it's okay.. i'm following your multiply.. i love the pictures that you took. especially the Dali's sculptures.. amazing! Anyways, hope you enjoy your Tokyo trip, take loadsa pictures and you have to share your experience with us, k? If you bump into any of the 'oranges' (wish i hope you do), hug them for me!!! hehehe.. =P Take care, k?


  1. hihi!!

    hope ur feeling less homesick now and that u've managed to get some time for urself... which is hard esp since ur sharing ur room wit 3 other ppl

    all the best! u can do it!!

  2. angeline!!!

    congrats on your result. physics is tough lah, that's the reason why i took up bio. :P you'll do well for the finals, i know it!! :))

    my results also rather nyawa- nyawa ikan. i don't even know my aquatic botany results. got potential to fail one lah that topic. damn tough~

    btw, when you wanna go eat dinner with me??


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