Tuesday, October 03, 2006

She's 9!

My youngest sister is nine years old today. Hope she'll grow up into a wonderful girl and she'll support Orange Range as much as i do! ehehehe.. She likes Katchan the most and always insults Yoh.. Hmmph! No choccies for you next time!

Currently bumming in the library, waiting for the time to go for KEMAFIZ (Kelab Mahasiswa Fizik)'s 2006/2007 election. The funny thing is, i didn't join the club. It's just that, since i am, a Physics student, i am supposed to be in it, wether i like it or not, wether it bores the hell out of me, wether i want it or not. Funny, ain't it?

Since the fasting month started, i've been deprived from proper lunch i.e. FPE's cafe's ayam masak merah dan taugeh goreng with nasi panas. Haih.. i wonder how long this is gonna last.. Well, it's been a week, so there are 3 more weeks to go.. and i'll be off to my hometown Kelantan, which is only 2 hours away, for Raya holidays.


Cannot celebrate Raya ah? I want to eat lemang, rendang, ketupat, satay, lontong, biskut raya etc..etc which will definitely assist in the expansion of my waist area. In addition, my grandparents/aunts food will help to.. so no worries of losing too much weight then. Although i need to lose weight to get an ideal one, people have been telling me that i had actually slimmed down since the first time they saw me in KUSTEM, and i noticed too, that i lost one of my triple chins. Mwaahahahaha... i guess homesickness is a very good diet programme, you guys should give it a try. But i haven't been skipping my meals or anything, in fact i eat a lot during dinner.. Normal dinner menu: various kinds of oily nasi goreng downed with super-sweet teh ais. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Anyways, let's go to Orange Range. Someone was kind enough to put two performances of them during Rock In Japan Festival 2006 (shit, wish i was there in the crowd but thank you to the lovely individual who put them there, really appreciate it).. the first i watched was Ishin Denshin 以心電信, and it was probably not one of the first songs performed since the boys were almost breathless and with Hiroki climbing up the railings, i almost fainted! Gawd, he was so daring! What if he falls?! Yamato was so skinny, and he did some weird dances and Ryo's half blonde-half brown hair was quite weird looking.. And he looks more berisi.. haha.. Someone must have been stuffing him up... My sister agreed that he looks fat nowadays after watching SetStock.. can't wait to go home and watch itleh! Miss Orange Range like mad. BTW, the performance was.. average.. that i was quite disappointed.. maybe the boys were exhausted. How can you not be exhausted when you are one of the biggest bands in Japan? =P
Next was Hana 花, my most favourite Orange Range song! And i almost cried, cos Hiroki looked really tired, with eyebags under his eyes, and he sang with full of emotions, and at certain parts, he looked as if he'd break down then and there *hugs Hiroki*. Ryo was so cute too cos he was so into the song, really expressing himself, wanted to kiss him then and there.. mwahahaha... And Yamato did some weird dances again. Hmmph.. sometimes i worry about him.. He's so thin nowadays that i'm beginning to wonder if he's battling with aneroxia. ^^!!*Hana's playing on WMP~so happy to hear it* And when the crowd applauded (yeah, clapping, no girls screaming in freakingly high voices, instead they applaud in a very respectful manner, as if recognising that Hana was actually one of the best songs ever made).. it made me really proud, and i almost cried.

I guess, Orange Range has become a part of me that i will never be able to let go of, and i won't want to let them go. And i hope to be able to watch them on stage one day, and i have been planning to save money so that i can go to Japan to see them.. *crosses fingers*

Orange Range みんなさん, ありがとうございます。 Your music has definitely brighten up my life, and may God bless each and every one of you, including Katchan.

I'm hungry.

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