Sunday, October 08, 2006


Hope you'll keep on loving and supporting Orange Range til the end of your life.. =oP

Yup. It has been a year. A year full of wonderful, interesting music by 6 special individuals. A year full of oranges and the colour orange. A year of spending endless money just to see 6 talented wackos on DVDs, mags, books etc. A year of listening to a song which has got to do with flowers. A year of gawking at 6 cool, eccentric musicians putting their hearts out.. doing what they love.

A year of loving Orange Range.

The funny thing is, i can't even remember the exact date when i started liking them. I know that it was somewhere around this month.

Although now, there's only 5 of them.. i still love these monkeys like nobody's business. And i love the little drummer boy who left the band, hoping that some day, he will return, and hopefully the other fellas will just accept him back.. and be happy back again.

I love Orange Range.

Like how Wang Lee Hom sang: I just can't stop loving you..

Love IS a strong word to put on someone you hardly know, let alone know you. But what the heck, they're great! Some people might disagree, they have their rights to anyways.. but to me.. they are the BEST!

Orange Range rocks my socks off!!!

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  1. wee nee!!

    Are u back here kar?

    I only just watch that movie 'Be with you' on my laptop yesterday.. thank goodnesss it sounds great there..

    it was soooo nice la ween!! thank you so much for giving it to me... now i'm like asking everybody to watch it

    tell me when u get back ya!



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