Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Hie, haven't been posting for a while, haven't i?

Anyways, i am currently going through my finals, had just finished my first paper TITAS (Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia) yesterday. Was quite an okay paper, but sometimes i still wonder why i have to learn it... hmmm...

I have watched Orange Range's video-clip for their latest single, which was released on the 25th of October. The one titled Sayonara. The video is like 9-something minutes long.. but it's such a sad video..

It tells a story of how a woman copes after the death of her other half. How she still kept holding on to him, such as saying "Itekimasu" to his picture before going out of her house, and celebrating his birthday.. with his picture...

I can sort of understands how she misses him so much.. and how he does to.. and how his soul follows her around, helping her to choose clothes, shoo-ing away other guy who was trying to pikat her (i found that scene very funny)..

And when he said something to her after she was in coma after getting involved with an accident.. i wished there was translations to that part, cos i really want to know what he said.. So far the only thing i figured out based on my limited Japanese was "..another chance.." or ".. start over again.." or something like that. I think he was telling her to move on..

The video ends with the woman continuing her life with another man, and the soul of her previous lover bidding goodbye to her and said, "Sayonara" before walking off.. So sad.. ='(

And the song.. i like it too.. i love Hiroki's vocals in it! The same vocals in Hana which made me start loving Orange Range. And Ryo's passionate parts and Yamato's funny voice (sorry, he did sound a bit funny in it) and the strums of the acoustic and electric guitars (by the very talented Naoto) and Yoh's bass plus with the sounds of violin + the piano + drums... it is indeed one of Orange Range's best songs, but i'm not gonna compare it with Hana, because although it has the same soft-rock ballad feel in it, it still has its rock parts which were quite interesting!

It's quite funny how Sayonara made me fall in love with Orange Range all over again.. because initially.. i was trying to let them go.. i wanted to forget them.. and now i have been humming the song non-stop since the first time i heard it. Heh.

Bleah! Kacau daun betul! I was trying to upload some photos from the video but this blogger picture thingie is not co-operating well. HMMPH!

Oh well.. some other day then..

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  1. you wanted to forget about them because of the finals izit? wahahaha~ ;)


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