Monday, June 05, 2006

The drummer boy is being missed by.. ME!

I went jogging in the evening after being dragged by my mom. Felt great. Feel like getting back into Taekwondo. Maybe?

I miss Katchan. Even changed my desktop wallpaper from Yoh to Katchan. Haih. So sad. ='(

Went out for breakfast with Aimi, Selene and Audrey at a new place today. The fella made my iced tea toO sweet i swear my sugar level just went up! And their paper thosai is not as nice as the usual place.. but the food's cheap.. so.. jeng jeng jeng..

Must go visit Aimi at her workplace. Wanna eat Secret Recipe's stuff!

Oooohh... i wonder why Champione is not included in the Voices of the FIFA World Cup album? It's supposed to be the World Cup song for team Japan isn't it? I was so loOking forward to it.. Imagine how disappointed i was when i saw the tracklisting. No Orange Range. No Champione. So sad. But Gemilang is in it! Woo-Hoo! Amazing!

WeeN is energetically sad today. And amazingly hungry for ice-cream. Bluerh.

Don't get any wrong ideas, k? I'm still a Yoh fan.. it's just that somehow lately i've been thinking about Katchan. XD

I miss the drummer boy.

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