Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Girls' Day Out!

Went out to One Utama yesterday with the young ones (okay, with the exception of my youngest sis, the other two are not so young). Did nothing much, walked and walked and walked.. and we had a feast in YOSHINOYA! Well, of course.. to celebrate Orange Range's achievement at the MTV Video Japan Awards. Ate toO much.. until got bloated.. and we sneaked the ginger (what's jeruk in English?) home! Hahaha.. crazy.. And i bought a bracelet and two pairs of earrings.. ehehe..

Anyways, pics of Hiroki and Naoto at the awards are available at the forum and the MTV Japan website. But i figure i'll put some here:

Hiroki, i think the ball was not meant to be eaten. No matter how hungry you were. ^^

Very goOd-loOking.. me like! me like!

Receiving THE award

Kawaii poses from the two lads

Unfortunately only the two of them were present at the ceremony. If not they would have been able to perform their new stuff! Anyways, congratulations again, boys!

Let's celebrate!!!

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