Thursday, April 20, 2006


* Currently listening to Mr. Children's I Love You. Favourite song: Worlds end *

I'm so happy. I'm so excited. Cos tomorrow, i'll be going to KLCC! I'm gonna go to Kinokuniya! I'm gonna pick-up my BLOOD ORANGE!!!!! WWWWOOOOooooooOOoo-hOOOOoooo~
My heart is beating so fast. I couldn't stop thinking bout the book at work. So HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! And the forum's doing well. It's new, but i'm happy for it. =P

Oh, and i've got a new phone as a present for doing well ( ya ke?) in my STPM. Thank you, Papa! I promise i will study even harder once i get to uni, and get a gOod job so that you don't have to work hard anymore! Oh.. the phone.. NOKIA N70. SuGoi!!! But i'm so scared... The thing is so fragile.. i need to go buy a pouch for it so it'll be protected always. Especially when it is in the hands of a careless individual like me. Ahahahaha. Siot.

I started on my novel. Didn't go that well. Haha.

I'm so h.a.p.p.y.

Yeeeee ~ ?


  1. Ahhh new cellphone *o* How lucky! *steals* XDD Oh There are lots of BLOOD ORANGE in Kino ^o^ It's heavy o_O I was tempted to open it yesterday but "masa mencemburui I" XDDDD Have fun with Blood Orange ^^

    *joins dancing* "Aa! Kanashimi yo konnichiwa..yumete miru wo bright life merry go round" 8D Gaaaah I love this song so much ^w^

  2. cool! u're getting ur Blood Orange! u must be very happy till can't sleep and only thinking of Orange Range! hahaha... well, congratulations on ur good results for STPM. must be a good result coz ur dad gave u a new hp. not like me... to teruk my SPM result. mum said she ain't really satisfied wif my results! >_< so, i gotta study hard for my matrics. could u scan the Orange Range pics from ur Blood Orange? or u takut to lipat it masa u scan? kekeke... well, enjoy drooling over Blood Orange! :D

  3. haha.. YEAY~~ remember to buy my stuffs too.. don't be too happy till you forget my stuffs.. XD oh oh.. the new phone.. aiyo~~ Our Otousan is the BEST it the world!! XD YEAY~ for him!!


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