Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The art of learning..

* Currently listening to 1st Contact *

Borrowed a book from Kak Rahimah so that i can learn Japanese properly. So excited!!!! It'll be tough learning on my own.. but i'll try anyways. If it fails, i can take the language up in uni. =P

My sister bugged tachi-san to start an Orange Range forum. And she did! Nothing much up yet.. but i hope it'll survive. It'll be a good place for me to ask people if they wanna join me to start a petition to get Orange Range to come out of Japan and play in Southeast Asia especially. I am so praying for a miracle!!!!!

I just want my BLOOD ORANGE ~ hmm... i miss them a lot.

* Playlist turns to Rakuyou ~ long version ~ *

I feel like crying as the images from the musiQ DVD is playing thru my mind now. In fact, i like this extended version a lot! Such a great song... hmmz..

Nowadays, i lack of things to blab about. Either my life is tOo freaking boring and stagnant right now.. or maybe i'm just clueless. Weeehhheeeeeeeeee~~~~

I wish I wish.. for Orange Range to come down to Malaysia and hold a smashing, rockin' concert.. highly impossible leh..

Sleepy leh.. but dowan sleep yet.. uhuhuhuhu..

* dances to Kozi's Honey Vanity *

Bright life merry go round!


  1. XD hey hey.. lets hope the Orange Range forum will active like LEAd's forum! ^^" Think positive.. I work cho hard for it.. XP *gets whack* well, not only me.. Emma san too.. XD We got some new members..i think..And .. oh yea, BLOOD RANGE.. ^^ don't worry, time passes quickly.. ^^ Patience.. *becoming a monk again* XD remember YOH always.. ^^ not Hiroki anymore is it? XD oh yea..

    Ai.Shi.Tei.Ru Onee-chan!! ^^

  2. eeeeee..... i am still hoping dat one day Orange Range will come to Malaysia to perform! :DDDD *grins widely* oh! i'm always in my daydreams in classes! bad bad habit! hahaha... tiba tiba can sing OR's songs or imagine Hiroki's face in my head! hahaha... dahlah dat time is Bio period! i slapped myself back to reality(wif the help of my fren oso) juz to pay attention to Bio!

  3. Heyo. I was happy to help out with the forum for you guys! If you have anything else, just ask ok. When I figure out/remember how to change people to ADMIN, i will okay! Just wait till i figure it out. I'll also ask people to join. Hopefully the forum will stay alive for you guys! ^^ Happy to help out, and I'm glad you like it.


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