Sunday, April 16, 2006

Lights.. OUT!!

Weelll.. yesterday was an OkAy day. The store had a power failure for a few minutes. Quite hilarious cos the management got panicked and the exec asked us to guard at the entrance for fear of having things being sneaked out. After a while, the maintainence came and fixed everything up.. and the store was up and running as usual. My colleagues and I were dreaming of work being cancelled for the day. HmPpH!!!!

A clown came into the store to buy baby oil. He stOod up high, and was making funny jokes. Weren't that funny, but i laughed anyways cos.. well, it is very to amuse me. And it is very easy to hurt me. Me and a colleague realised that behind the thick make-up and idioticy, the clown was actually quite cute-loOking. Too bad that we couldn't see his real face. I might just fall flat for him.

I Love YOH!

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO), the movie, is playing on TV2 currently. Takeshi Sorimachi is such a charismatic actor. He's so funny at times and his coOlness is just so... KaKoiii~ One of my favourite actors!!! Yay! Onizuka is just so... rebellious! My sister was wondering what will happen if such teacher ever exists on this planet. *guffaws* But underneath it all, he's cOol. Just cOol. I didn't watch the series though, but i watched the first season of the anime cos i love L'Arc~en~ciel's Driver's High very much! When the theme song changed, i didn't bother watching anymore. Haha.

I can't wait for Friday!! I'm gonna go get my BLOOD ORANGE!!!

I wanna buy Squeezed!!! I can't wait for Orange Range's new album! Onegai.. come out soon! Cheh..~ baru first single nak keluar dah suruh album keluar.. WoooOOOhhh...

Wanna put up dis pic that Kak Rahimah sent to me. Cho.. ganaz..

I'll end with a picture of Orange Range...

I wonder what YOH-san is doing??? Wants to kiss someone?? hehehe.. *muaks*

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  1. wow! dat's very cool! i gotta own ur VERY OWN BLOOD ORANGE! how nice if i got my own money to spend on Orange Range's stuffs and H&MC's as well. u noe how to read Japanese kanji? dat's super cool! hahaha... how i wish someone can translate their articles to me and maybe scan their pics too! :( love them so much! hehehe... anyway, i'm still trying to link u as well... see ya!


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