Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm so happy, happy, happy, happy..

* Currently listening to Rakuen by Do As Infinity *

YAY~ Got the news from Kinokuniya that my BLOOD ORANGE is waiting for me in the store. YOH-katta! I'm gonna go pick it up next week. It's RM98.60, more expensive than Cheese, Butter and Juicymee! But it's okay.. i think it's worth the money. =P I love Orange Range so much. I spent too much money on them.. but i don't mind. Later in life, when i'm older, i can share them with my grandkids. Hahaha.. Jauhnyer pikir..

I feel like eating Japanese foOd. =P

Bright life merry go round.

WeeN. Happy. Love. YOH.


  1. whoa.. BLOOD RANGE coming up! XDD Hayaku!hayaku! pick up! so, i can see too! XD

    ah! Orange Range stuffs keep coming out.. where is my Upturn DVD.. T__T aiyoyo...

    wahsei! mmg jauh pikir.. XD hey..hey.. u eat Japanese food? I want too! XP

  2. Yay for BLOOD RANGE ^^ Haha yea when we are crazy price doesn't matter and everything we buy is worth it x)

    I want some Japanese food too...Yoshinoya iku? XD


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