Friday, April 14, 2006

My glamorous sky? Soon.

Went out with Wen Zhen to Sunway Pyramid yesterday. It's been a long while since i've been there. Went to Kim Gary's for lunch.. my first time at Kim Gary's.. had Hong Kong Style Cheese Baked Rice.. she said it was the specialty there. Loved the cheese! YumMy! But i hated the pork that came with it. I ordered beefla. Must have gotten mixed up. I don't like pork that much anyways. And the funny veggie that was in it is also nice. Salty and just nice. And had Tea In Hong Kong Style. Basically, teh tarik lah. Wen Zhen had the egg and ham sandwich and the same drink. We talked a lot about the past, and laughed at the memories so loud! The whole restaurant heard it i think. But it was goOd. I haven't seen her since, like.. i dunno.. December? So long... After that, we bought 4 pairs of earrings each and i added a ring since nowadays i can't seem to find my thumb ring. *sobz* I wanted to get a piercing, on my left ear, the top-cartilage part.. but chickened out. I'm supposed to do it with Aimi. And Navia too! High-risk.. but i so want it!

Watched musiQ DVD the previous night. And the song that made me smile the most was Ishin Denshin. I smiled so much that my cheeks and jaw hurt badly afterwards. But i replayed it, cos it made me SO HaPPY!! The song brings me much joy and happiness! And i love the part when YOH shook his hips side to side. So cute. He did it casually and macho-ly.. yet so cute! I'm so in love with him. But he's tOo tall for me. I love Miyamori YOH. I love him. This crush is so much healthier than real-life crushes. I love YOH. I love YOH.

OooOoohh.. i plan to keep my hair as long as Naoto's during his Natural days. Currently almost the same.. messy, wavy.. and i hate tying my hair up! Hmmph!!

I thought of drawing the Orange Range logo and painting it. And then stick it up on the walls of my roOm alongside the pictures that my sis developed for me.

Attempted to write while waiting for my turn on the PC but gave up cos writing is tiring than typing. It's kinda late to start it again since i have the PC now.. layter onlylah.

I need to revamp this blog. Nothing tOo big. Just minor adjustments here and there needed.

I wanna learn Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, Hokkien(need to perfect it), Thai and Hindi. YES, i'm interested in Hindi. I dunno why. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. And i can't claim i have Siamese bloOd if i can't speak Thai. Mhe dai.

I don't want work no more. So sick of it. * whines endlessly *


  1. hey hey! tinanit here! hahaha... i finally got my own blog too.
    where did u buy ur musiQ dvd from? i also wan it so darn badly! *sob* i'm downloading it halfway... almost finish... but dun have enuf seeds! *sobs louder* hahaha... i tot, if u could, upload it for me? i'm only short of the part 2. :D thank u very much! hehehe...

  2. ^^ Wah... food.. I want too! CHEESE! Yummy! oishii ne!!

    O__O;; you want to pierce another one? wahsei..'re making me want to pierce another one too.. XD (influence... XP)

    o___O;; oh.. YOH love.. XD realised that you changed your display picture.. Hiroki?? dare? *search for Hiroki* oh.. he's crying somewhere.. XP You left him!

    "This crush is so much healthier than real-life crushes." <<< TOTALLY!!! Shinya kun.. >///<

    oi..oi.. if you want to learn.. i also want to learn.. JAPANESE especially.. XD


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