Thursday, April 13, 2006

When the sun goes down, it goes DOWN

Currently listening to Rakuyou ~ long version ~ after leaving a depressing post on my xanga site. I'm trying to relax myself a little bit. That's what i love about typing. It doesn't tire you as much as writing does, especially when you have toO much things to pen down. Typing has been a really addictive activity for me. I have no idea why i love typing so much. Maybe because it's faster than writing? And you can choose different fonts anytime? Anything else? I think i'm going bonkers again.

Do i have a talent in writing? I don't know. I might challenge myself one day. ^^

There's gotta be more to life. There should be. I'm so depressed now. Better go listen to more Orange Range. I would rather faint of Orange Range overload than overdose myself with depression.

Tata ~ gonna see Wen Zhen and Justin in the afternoon. Me off day!!

Pssstttt.. Yuen, Orange Ball is the name of one of their albums.. (^_^ !!) Hehe.. i'll fill you in with more details of zee project once i'm ready. I don't know why but i feel like i need you for this project. Hope it won't so sound dumb. Somehow i have the urge of turning you into a fan of Orange Range's.. Mehehe.. *evil laughs*

Squeezed was released yesterday! Hurrah! JOY to the world! The new single's picture looks so choon. Reminds me of the Pirates of the Caribbean. =P Johnny Depp!! Muahaha..

I want a guitar!!!

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  1. yessu..yessu! You have a talent in writing.. @__@ cho many you type... maybe you can make story like "Ima Ai NI Yukimasu" and make a movie & drama.. XD

    ah!! ^^" looks like she's spreading the Orange Range 'disease'... XDD ALERT!!


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