Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Anata tachi.. dare?

* yawns *
Feeling a little sleepy but since my Orange Ball has already reached 99.8%. I might just wait for it.

And i did not dream of Naoto or Hiroki. Slept well. But the picture of Naoto and Hiroki kept on flashing thru my mind at work. haha. =P Couldn't stop smiling.

A funny thing happened at work today. I've never, in my life, thought that guys could get excited over face masks. You know, the kinds we girls put on our faces so that we'll have better-loOking skin. Seriously. We were having this promotion for the trial pack of Neutrogena face mask, which customers could get it for RM4.90 with every purchase of RM20 from the store. These few guys came in, looking okay all of them.. i didn't know what they were looking for anyways. One of them reached the counter, got super-excited after seeing the masks, and called out for his friend (in Cantonese, but i understood),
"Eh, A! Look, got gOod offer. Buy RM20 and above can buy the mask for RM4.90. You wan annot? I want leh.." He turned to me, " I can only buy one issit? Cannot buy all ah? "
"Nope." WeeN said.
He decided not to buy.
Meanwhile A bought a suntan lotion and qualified for the mask.
"I want to buy all can ah?"
"Other stores can buy all want.. why here cannot?"
"Different stores, different rules"
"Alar.. you sell two to mela. Please.." He was trying to flirt with me. He failed.
Okay, the rule with WeeN is, unless you are one of the Orange Range, you DO NOT ever, try to sweet-talk me into doing things. NO-NO.
I gave him the finale.. and that's it. They went off.
Poor things, actually they were quite gOod-lOoking.. Unfortunately, they overstyled themselves.. and they were a bit.. on the soft side.. if you get what i mean. =P

A lady threathened to sue the store because of something stupid. She created hell before, and i tried not to roll my eyes over her stupidity. Get a life, girl. Get a life.

I can't remember what i want to post.

Oh, yeah, went to Fang's xanga.. she posted Yoh's pics with his bass.. thus, proving the fact that he's got nice, big hands. But the last pic of him and Ryo is the best one. Yoh lOoked so gOod!!! *faints*

I got to listen to the Hana 花 single. The second track, 花想 is quite interesting. It has the piano parts of Hana.. and at times.. i swear i could hear a part of the song from いま、会いにゆきます. Or maybe it's because i'm feeling a little sleepy after a long shift at work. @__@

I feel bad for hardly posting any pictures of Ryo, Yamato and Katchan. So here goes:

Hehehehe.. i dunno what to say about this pic. I like Ryo's smiles. And his dimples are so cute.

Yama-san lOoking very gOod.. hmmm...

Katchan, you are such a beautiful drummer. Did i just say that? *guffaws*

Orange Range overload. *faints again*


  1. eh!!
    what Orange Range project?! is that the Orange Ball thingy?

  2. YEAY~! Yamato picturE! XD wahsei.. got good-looking guy.. but~the soft side.. =__=" why always like that one.. XD aiyoyo.. Only Orange Range can sweet-talk with you is it? XDD *calls Hiroki*


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