Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Want you, want you..

I'm supposed to be in bed right now, since i'm gonna be working full shift today, from 8.30am till 11pm.. 15 hours including a one-hour lunch break. Luckily i won't be the only one. =P

Went to the Radio Contact site and found delicious, hot, sexy, good new pictures of Hiroki and Naoto. I won't be able to sleep properly tonight. Oh, lordy. Both of them lOoked really, really gOod. Seriously gOod-lOoking lads, they are. *faints*


OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooohhhhh... they look damn HOT in here. I had just finished drOoling over this pic in my xanga site but i feel that this picture is very important for this blog. Very important. I have to stress the importance of this pic in this blog. I'm grateful and thankful for the existence of these two fine, goOd lOoking, talented Japanese chaps. Makes me wanna learn Japanese even more. Yale once told me, "You should have been born in Japan." Hahaha. Hah, don't think so. Everything will be different. Orange Range might not even exist!

Hiroki loOks frighteningly pale in here. I hope it is because of the lighting, not because of his health or anything. I'll be heart-broken if one of the boys fall sick or anything.

Deep in discussion. I'm loving this pic too!

Anyways, pictures are from www2.jfn.co.jp/orange and you can drOol at more pictures on that site. Hehehe. Spread the Orange Range fever! Can't wait for the next round of pictures.

And i just have to put this picture of Yoh before i end.

GoOd-lOoking indeed

One more day to SQUEEZED!


  1. hi!

    Ur such an Orange Range fan man... are they coming to Msia/Asia anytimg soon?

    btw, wha'ts squeezed?
    haha..very blur la

    all the best and catch you later


  2. ah!! O__O;; Hiroki looks weird there.. with that ... really pale.. XP but~ the first picture.. Hiroki and Naoto.. KYAA~! I'm in love with Naoto now.. XP Cho KAKOII ne!!!!



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