Monday, April 10, 2006

It's okay..

So.. いま、会いにゆきます (Be With You) didn't win at the 25th Hong Kong Film Awards. It's okay. It's still my favourite movie ever.

Watched Mike Shinoda's Punk'd episode. He had the i'm-so-freakin-innocent looks all the time. Haha. I know he felt bad. But.. hehehe.. he got punk'd!!

Kinokuniya still hasn't call me back about my BLOOD RANGE. *sob, sob*

My Orange Ball download is moving.. Thank gOodness!

2 more days to Squeezed!! Yay!!!!!!

I'm sick of my job. So sick of it. Very, very sick of it.

I love, love, love, love, love, love (one each for the members including Katchan) Orange Range. Just had to stress that. Hehehe.

No hugging and kissing in public? Nandeyanen??!!!! What if i meet up with an old guy friend and go, "AHHHHHHHHH.. so long never see you!!!" *hugs, hugs* Are they gonna put me in jail because of that? Once again, NANDEYANEN??!! Hiroki can be such a bad influence. A cute, bad influence.

Geez. It's hard to handle two blogs.


  1. LOL~! nandeyanen?!~! hahaha, think u have learnt how to use it~ hahaha~ thanks to hiroki~ ;p


  2. DEAL! 8D though i'm lack of UVERworld's info myself lol oh that cute guy is Tsukamoto Takashi, actor and singer.He's in the drama Stand Up! (dat's where i found him lol),Kisarazu Cat's Eye,Summer Snow,etc.I like him as an actor more than a singer though hehe...

    Nandeyanen sounds cute x) Bright life merry go round~ XD


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