Friday, April 07, 2006

too much

* 4 posts in a day! too much time indeed.. *

Just finished watching UVERworld's just Melody MV. Wah.. such a nice video.. although there's no storyline whatsoever, i was really excited when i saw the crowd jumping, having fun. Nice. And it's my favourite UVERworld song. ehehe. I'm gonna go watch the live performance just Melody on CDTV. Be back in a bit.

* After 2 mins and 31 secs *

Wahh.. the vocalist's voice is the same as how it is in the album. His voice wasn't shaky at all.. wwaaaahhhhhh... Now i'm gonna go and watch the one on Music Fighter. =P

* After 2 mins and 23 secs *

The fella's got his own style while singing weh.. with his legs and arms.. but i think he's a little camera-shy. Hahaha.. not bad looking too! * slaps meself * Oit.. too much!

Watched Jay Chou's Fearless MV too. I so love the video. Maybe because i like the dance moves.
I'm going through David Tao's videos for now. I'm gonna watch his Yue Liang Dai Piao Shui De Shin (my hanyu piyin sux). Wait ah..

* After 4 mins and 39 secs *

Aiyyoohhh... such a sweet and sad video. I like his version of this song very much, thank you. And he's so good looking.. Hihihihi. * slaps meself again * Oit.. too much! I'm gonna watch Ai Wo Hai She Ta live performance now. Cheh, something's wrong with it. The video is faster than the song. I'm gonna watch behind the scenes of Shou Chien Shou. Maybe got Machi. Hihi.

* After 7 mins 59 secs *

So many artistes! But Wang Lee Hom and David are the best looking. Plus, Harlem Yu and Sky Wu were hilarious, holding hands and then getting mad at each other. Whatla.. and they are supposed to be old..

Ahh.. i can't remember David Tao's song that i wanted to watch the video. It's from his Great Leap Year 2005 album but i don't know what the title is.. Haihz.. too bad.

Better go sleep right now.. I wanna dream of YOH.

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