Friday, April 07, 2006

Stinky no more

*beams proudly* I washed the hamster's cages and got them all washed up nice and clean. Though the white was really hard to handle cos she couldn't stop moving!! I realised that she's so skinny now.. But the other two were so kwai.. so tame...

I'm bored right now. Currently downloading some Orange Range stuff.. and my youngest sister is watching Doraemon. Heh. Tempted to watch too.

I better finish up reading Tash Aw's The Harmony Silk Factory. Since i don't have to work today. I'm lacking behind in the reading department. If only i have separate allowance for books! That would be great!

Gonna go off now.. ZZZZZzzzzz


  1. heellooooo!!!

    hahaha...sorry for not following tru my call the other day, wanted to ask if you were free to come out and play.

    hey, tell me when you do finish that Silk Factory book. Hear so much about it but don't really know what its about and how good it is. Do tell ya?


  2. oiiii..lookie my blog!! comment!! XDD


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