Friday, April 07, 2006

Let's all walk on..

* Breathless, speechless and everything-less *

I had just watched Orange Range performance on the recent Hey! Hey! Hey! They performed a new song titled Walk On. I couldn't stop smiling and laughing, and i'm smiling so happily even as i'm typing this down! The song is just so adorable! Although i was shocked at first.. but after listening to it a few times.. it's kind of cute.. A lot of lalas.. ehehehehe.. so ke ai.. I'm so HAPPY! I'm on top of the world!!

Hiroki looked so gOod. Yum, yum. He's looking very mature now, but the cheekiness is still evident during the talk show.

Yamato's hair looked kinda funny tho.. ehehe.. but he looks smart in those glasses.

Ah Ryo, his hair is getting thicker it seems..
looked like Selene's guinea pigs =_=" Nevertheless, i was amazed with his voice when he sang.. i was like, "Is this really Ryo?" He sounded.. softer.

Naoto looked so sexy. Seriously sexy. I love his
hair. I should have mine cut like that. But it won't suit my face. 0_0 Hoho!

And Yoh.. hehehe.. he had his hair tied up into a
half ponytail. Ehehehe. Didn't look at his hands. I was focusing more on his forehead. Ahakz. Fang said he's got nice, big hands.. ehehe..

But Hiroki was on fai-yah(fire). He's so hot. Hen shuai de nan ren. Yum yum. OOOoops!!!!!

Sorry Yoh dear, but i was obviously gawking at Hiroki. Today only, can ah? Can la.. I promise. 今天 onlyleh. Please?

And i watched the Ishin Denshin 以心電信 remix video, showing a Chinese love game show. Basically, it's about couples answering questions and trying to get the same answers from both sides (hint: telepathy). The 3rd couple got all wrong. And the girlfriend whacked her boy nicely. It was hilarious! She even kicked him! And she was wearing heels! Pity the fella.. i guess they don't resonate together.. ehehehe

And for the finale, i present you...

I'm so cheeky! Lalalalala.. *lol*


  1. kyaa~! Kawaii picture of Hiroki.. aiyoyo... ape ni.. after Hiroki want YOH.. then, want Hiroki back.. XDD just take both of them will ya?! XDDDDDD then, I'll slowly.. *evilsmile* steal RYO away!! the new song, cho kawaii.. and i already watch the Ishin Denshin Pv.. XDDD hilarious..!! The woman cho.. GANAZ.. O__o;;

  2. i've oledi watched Walk On video. the song is not so bad. kinda nice. wat's this Ishin Denshin Pv dat u've mentioned earlier? i think i havent seen it. where can i dl the PV from? youtube got or not? but, seperti biasa, i memang wan to have their PV!!! hehehe... tamaknye saya! hahaha....


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