Friday, April 07, 2006

where did you go?

* Currently chatting with another Orange Range fanatic, Fang ^^ *

I watched Fort Minor's video Where'd You Go and felt so sad. I guess the main theme is about the loneliness felt when someone you love is not around with you. I cried while watching it, and the lyrics were so heartbreaking.. it seemed like the song is directed to Mike Shinoda himself.. with him always being away from his family when he was away on tours and all. I feel that it goes for every artiste out there, who's constanly on the move, constantly being away from his/her loved ones.. having to cope with loneliness, and the fear of losing those who are important to him/her.. hmmm.. I wonder if Orange Range feels the same when they are away from Okinawa.

Finally i found out who sang Don't Forget To Remember Me. Have been hearing the song at work everyday and i had always thought it was from the Dixie Chicks! *guffaws* Actually it was Carrie Underwood! Woah.. she was so pretty in the video and her voice is just great.. Although i voted for Bo during the finals, i guess she deserved the American Idol title..

I have no idea what to blog on nowadays.. nothing new in my life. Yoh is as always constantly on my mind. Never fails to make me smile when i'm down. =P

Where'd you go
I miss you so
Seems like it's been forever
That you've been gone

Please come back home..
Fort Minor - Where'd You Go

After i wrote this down, i thought of Katchan (Fang and I are talking about his departure!) I wonder where did he go.. All of Orange Range's fans miss him.. i miss him.. It does seem like it's been forever since he left..

Why did you have to go?

Was it THAT bad?

Can't it be resolved?

Not like he can read this. But anyways, if he does.. *sniff, sniff*

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  1. T__T You reminded me of KAtchan... me miss him too.. wahsei... now you're making me wanting to watch that Fort Minor song.. *wents to YOUTUBE*


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