Thursday, April 06, 2006

It's MY melody

Cried at work again today! So stupid.. My manager asked me to go to another store's stock take (in a few hours time).. and i so don't want to go. I'm always being sent somewhere. Why can't she send someone else? It's so unfair! And i'm gonna end my work soon for God's sake! So send someone's who's staying!!! Bladdy hell, i was so frustrated.. I'm frustrated now. Darn it! Haih.. i hate, hate, HATE my job. It seems like people are trying to take advantage on me. Shit man. Even my colleague said, "Why does she always send you out to somewhere?" Bleah.. haih.. And summore i had a full shift yesterday! Came back like 2 hours ago..

YOH, dear.. i so need you now.. blehehe..

Won't you save me

Cause saving's what i need

I just wanna be, by your side..

Watched Orange Range's video message for the 2006 MTV Video Awards Japan again. I'm so in love with YOH!! Hahaha.. i'm going bonkers.. too much stress..

The 25th Hong Kong Film Awards will be on the 8th April 2006. I hope いま、会いにゆきます (Be With You) will win the Best Asian Film Award.. So excited!!!! Hehehehe....

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  1. aiyoyo... you sounded really stressed.. ^^" Whats wrong with ur MAnager la.. Aiyoyo~let YOH save you! XDD

    Wah.. now cho crazy bout bout Hiroki? kesian dier.. XDD ditinggalkan.. XP

    Sugoii ne!! Be With YOU!! YEAY~! the BEST!!! GANBATTE!!


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