Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Shi Shua Shua

* Headbangs to UVERworld's ai ta kokoro & Just Melody *

Another bladdy day. This fella asked whether i'm a Chinese and i answered my usual answer: "Yeah, but i can't speak Chinese." He kind of offended me and said that i'd be lost in China if one day i decide to go there. His wife is an Indonesian Chinese and she suffered when they were in China because she can't speak Chinese. In his words, " She was crying when we were there cos everybody speaks Chinese." He told me it was my loss.. i was like, "I don't care." I was so annoyed. So what? I know will eventually be able to communicate in Chinese, but just give me timela. This people ought to give me a break. Seriously. Yesterday, i wondered what will happened if i decide to end my life. Luckily, i snapped out of it. There's just too much in life that i'll miss if i go kaput! I love my life.

But good news, a customer complimented me today. He was actually with my colleague and i was attending to another customer. He pointed at me and said to my colleague, "This Wee Nee ah, she speaks very good Malay." I was surprised. And sort of happy/proud! My colleague told him i can't speak Chinese and he started asking me where i was from but at least he did not condemn me for my lack of Chinese. Good, good. ^^ Made my day, indeed. I think he's the first customer who praised me for my ability to converse well in Malay. I'd like to thank my parents anyways cos i grew up in a Malay environment. Most of my parents' friends are Malays. During my parents' wedding, they called Malay cooks to prepare dishes.. And my granparents converse well in Malay too. But Kelantanese Malayla.. a dialect which i'm still trying my best to digest. I can understand it, but to reply in Kelantanese is quite hard. My tongue usually gets stuck! But i love speaking in Malay! I remembered when Selene and I would speak Malay to each other and Pak Wan asked, "Why are you two speaking in Malay?" We couldn't answer the question! Hilarious betul. And Malay Language has always been my best and one of my favourite subjects! So proud. =P And honestly, i like it better than English! As you can see from my posts, my English is a pile of R-U-B-B-I-S-H!! I did plan to study the language in uni.. maybe take up Malay literature but it'll be so darn hard. That's why i dropped the subject during STPM. Just confusing. @_@ But languages are fun! Looks forward to uni life to see what's in store for me.
My dad took Mandarin when he was in uni and he hated it. =P He told me it was hard for him. During a class, he couldn't follow the speaking part and ended up singing to his recorder. Unfortunately for him, his lecturer decided to on his speaker thingie and got shocked. He shouted thru my dad's headphones, "Oi, Wee! What are you doing?" Silly daddy.

My sis d/loaded the Japan Gold Disc award. And i was so happy. Ryo looked so damn good and his smiles were cute. I love the part when he did the wave thingie (arm flying). Didn't like Naoto's hair though. =P And there was this one part that Ryo said "So desuka" in a cheeky, serious manner. So cute! But i wish everyone was there. I want to see Yoh-san!
Ryo: Wave Naoto! Wave!!
Naoto: Slleeeeepppyyy... I'm so slleeeeeppppyyy.. I have no bed with me...
" So desuka! "
*lol* ^^
Ryo: *beams* I'm so proud of myself! YAY!!
Naoto: ....

The final salute

I'm addicted to UVERworld's Just Melody nowadays. Such a great song. I think UVERworld's a great band. Although sometimes their English parts in some of their songs sound funny, still great. To me they're different from Orange Range so i can't compare. I love Orenji Renji!

My Orange Ball is only 50-something percent done. Haiz. So slow. I need to buy 1st Contact soon. Can't find it here anymore. ='(

Kimi no MELODY, kiko eteru kara


  1. love ryo chan in this award ceremony~ i've never seen him SO EXCITED before~ n he just couldn't stop smiling~ meltz~!

  2. I LOOVEE UVERworld 8D just Melody was stucked in my head for weeks before TIMELESS released (because after that i fall for Lump Of Affection XD)I just love all their songs i can't pick x) And yes you're right, Takuya's English..no..ENGRISH is funny yet cute in a way LOL

    I like Orenji Renji too^^ But i dunno much about them >_<;; *gets whack*

    Muehehe BM is one exciting subject no? XDD Me luff!(considering i'm a malay..malulaa kalau tak kuasai BM XD)

  3. XDDD Ryo is totally kakoii in there.. wahsei.. cho handsome.. In love.. XDDDD and lookie~Naoto is cho quiet.. demo~he looks cho cuTE!

    yessu! spread the UVERworld love!Just Melody is da BEST!


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