Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Strike 3! and you're.. OUTTTT! Good news too!

Shitty day at work. Stupid stock-sender made me cry. Screw him dead. I'm not gonna go into details, no point being upset cos it's making my blog gloomy. Yucks!
By the afternoon, it was actually fun, but tiring.. The usual ups and downs, nothing much. Had a good laugh too! Towards the end, i accidently dropped a bottle of folic acid. Shhheessshhh.. gone! Nah, only 156 tablets spilled out of the bottle. Thank God for plastic bottles! Cost me 4 cents each. Bleah. To top it up, no one came to pick me up from work so i had to walk home. ='( Along the way, i dropped each tablets on the sidewalks. Hehehe. No use for me anyways.

Came home and found my sister watching Densha Otoko the movie. Listen to Love Parade ラヴ・パレード again and my bro asked who's song was it. Told him it was Orange Range's. When it came to Ryo's part, me and my sis laughed so badly (sorry Fang! Don't worry, just afraid he might pass out or sumthing). My bro asked which member's voice was it and we told him it was the guy-who-looks-like-he's-the-oldest-but-he's-actually-your-age fella. My bro got shocked when we told him Ryo is his age. He was like, "NO WAY." Hahaha. And same goes to Lead's Hiroki. *guffaws* He looks younger than me. =_=''

Went to Orange Range's official webbie and found something on the 2006 MTV Video Awards Japan. Orange Range are nominated for the Best Group Video award for Kizuna キズナ. And ИATURAL is nominated for the Best Album of the Year award! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!...............................................
So great! Just spiffy! I'm so happy for them!!!!!! Hope they'll win again! It'll be 2 years in a row if they win both, right? Cos in 2005, Hana 花 won Best Video of the Year and musiQ won Album of the Year while Locolotion ロコローション won buzzAsia (correct me if it's wrong).. so choonz. Like how this Malay mag put it (i think it was Utopia), "Orange Range sapu bersih! (Orange Range sweeps clean)"
So happieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Watched their message video and it instantly made me feel better. Yoh's so HOT.
To Lene: Yoh is MINE. You can keep Ryo. No.. kenot, he's Fang's. Aiyak! Just keep your Shinya!

Mika Nakashima's Glamorous Sky is nominated for Best Female Video and Best Video for a Film. =) I like the song so much. Hope she'll win too! She's just super cool. Namie Amuro is also in the running for Best Female Video too. Ooooohhh.. so hard. Ken Hirai's POP STAR is up for Best Male Video. It's a cute video. Ehehehe. Was shocked the 1st time when i watched it cos i never thought it's him. Nevertheless, the dance moves are cute. Imagine all the cute little kids doing it. =P

Best buzzAsia from Taiwan. Wang Lee Hom's not nominated but i'm banging on F.I.R.'s Chien Nian Zhe Lian. F.I.R. rocks weh! But Jay Chou's in there too.. sooo.. hmmmmm..

Put your hands together for Orange Range's nominations!


  1. aiyoyo... you want both the brothers.. ^^" cannot la.. give me one.. XDD aiyoyo.. just remembered bout Shinya kun.. XP wahsei!! sugoii!! Orange Range really "sapu bersih"... XDD aiyoyo... when LEAd is going to win award there.. can come to Malaysia.. XDD wah!! wanna watch MTV Video Awards! HANA! YEAY~! best video of the year!!

  2. hahaha~ in fact, i like the fact that ryo chan doesn't look his age~ hahaha~


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