Monday, April 03, 2006

The battle of the languages.. part 2

Yeah.. the title says it all. I was pissed again at work due to several reasons.

Reason No. 1: I tried to help this lady by asking her what she was looking for but she ended up speaking Cantonese. Once i told her i can't understand, she said it's okay and went off. So i went up to a Chinese promoter and asked her what the lady was asking me and she was shocked. It seemed that the lady was actually looking for female hygienic washes but she said it in a rude manner! Of course i didn't know.. God knows if i heard the right thing! Well, another promoter scolded me for saying it out loud, saying i had no manners. Hello? I freaking didn't know! The 1st promoter said i was a blurcase and called me Chinese ang moh. The other said that i don't belong in this country. They told me to go back to my country (wtf). I just said, "whatever" and walked off. I wanted to cry so badly. There were definitely tears in my eyes.. i just held back. Spoiled my mood for the whole day.
Reason No. 2: This elderly man came looking for the promotion pack of AAA batterises and i served him nicely. It was the last pack anyways and it was RM9.88. He wanted to use credit card (!!!) but i told him that we accept credit card transactions only for purchases of RM10 and above, because i was tought that way since the 1st day i started work. He started telling me that he has been doing the same thing in other outlets and was surprised because he can't use it here. He started telling me that he knows so and so and asked me who i know. Of course i answered the ones that i knowla! When he knew that i had only been working for about 5 months, he made fun of me and said, "No wonder you know nobody.." He then asked who's the pharmacist working and i told him our pharmacist's name but he doesn't know. And he claimed that he knows the big shot! Wth? So what if he knows so and so? Big casela now. Later i found out that it is okay to use credit card for any amount but in our store, we were tought to accept only for purchases above RM10. And my colleagues can confirm that. So just in case i get into trouble whatsoever.. I'll try my best to defend myself. No.. i WILL defend myself!
Reason No. 3: This man was furious because every time he comes to our place, the pharmacist will never be there. He asked me, "Why is your pharmacist always inconsistent? This is my 3rd trip here.." I told him that she has her shifts an all but he wasn't satisfied. Hello, that's what you call takde jodoh. You're just unlucky. Period. Just because of you she has to change her schedules issit? Ptthhh...
Reason No. 4: Never-ending, constant mind-changing customers. Can you please make up your mind or ask questions BEFORE i scan the bladdy items? Very mafan when you decide to change your mindleh.
Reason No. 5: This one didn't really pissed me off. Instead i think it was funny. A lady asked whether there is more discout on an item which is being sold RM20 cheaper even though i told her it was on a special price. Hyuk hyuk.

The first and second one pissed me off the most that i had seriously thought of just not going to work anymore. I'm just scared i'll get burnt. So stressful! Or maybe it was just the effects of PMS. =P

Thank you to all the lovely angels out there. You've made my day!!


  1. Hello Ween ^^ Thanks for stopping by my blog 8D Woah...battle of languages indeed o_O *pats* Screw them all~!! XDD Hope you'll feel better soon^^

  2. aiyoyoyo..~ itu BAKA BAKA people.. pergi jadi BAKA la.. really sound-trouble... i mean language trouble.. XDD tell Hiroki to whack them a little..^^ aiyoyo..just remember YOH.. the kawaii smile.. XDDD i'm influencing you.. YOH..YOH...forget RYO... XDDDD


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