Sunday, April 02, 2006

The battle of the languages

I was so pissed off at work today. This couple came in looking for something and wanted to seek assistance. The girl started speaking in Mandarin and i gave her a confused look of course and waited until she was finished before saying, "I don't understand Chinese." I hated her reaction after that. She rolled her eyes and went, "Aggghhhhh!! English!!" I was like, "What the fuck?" in my head. Her boyfriend explained in English that they were looking for some cream for pregnant women. I think they were looking for some stretch marks cream so i pointed them to the lotion section and ran off. But i was still so pissed off. I mean, there's no rule that says Chinese are supposed to be able to speak Chinese. Hello??!! If as a Malaysian, you are unable to speak Malay properly, it's stupid also right? I can guarantee you that there are Malaysians out there who fails Malay Language paper. Oh yeah. I'm proud of myself for being able to speak decent Malay, MY country's NATIONAL LANGUAGE. My teacher told me before that Chinese in Indonesia communicate with each other in their Indonesian language instead of the usual Chinese. I guess that is what you call the nationalism spirit (semangat nasionalisme?). =P So what if i can't converse in Chinese? That doesn't mean any shit. That doesn't mean i'm less human. That doesn't mean i don't belong where i belong. I would always get upset when people go,"Why can't you speak Chinese? You're a Chinese, right?" Who gives you the freaking right to judge me?
Well, although i speak Hokkien since it's my family slang(??), none of us in my family can speak Mandarin or Cantonese except for a few who went to Chinese schools. Okay, so i'm not pure Chinese. I have Siamese blood inside me somewhere. My grandparents can speak Thai. My grandmother's sister can write in Jawi (Arabic). My uncle can speak Japanese since he studied there. I can't speak Mandarin OR Cantonese and same goes to my siblings and parents. I can understand a lil bit though.. the simple ones mostly.. thank God i'm not so clueless.
Shisshh.. spoilt my day la that girl. Luckily there was this one cute lil boy who made my day just by appearing in the shop. So kawaiii! Made me feel so good.
I think i have the ability to confuse people with my looks. Some customers would start speaking Malay with me and when they saw my nametag they'll go, "Oh, sorry. I thought you're a Malay. You're a Chinese?" Usually i'll just nod, smile and say, "Yeah, i'm Chinese. But i can't speak Chinese." I kinda like the fact that they are unable to make out my race. Hehehe.

Ah, haven't wrap Aimi's present. I'm gonna meet her and a few others for breakfast in a few hours. Paper thosai, here i come!

Can't stop thinking bout Yoh! =p *whacks head*

Hehehe.. so adorable! Now i know why you love sunnies!

Awwww.. my favourite Yoh look.. *melts* Such a fine chap, with a fine smile. lol.

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  1. wahsei!! kawaii YOH! wai.. now you want YOH is it? Me also want!! XP aiyoyo~whats with all the battle of languages??! Try to talk Japanese with them.. XDD baru terdiam! ^^


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