Saturday, April 01, 2006

April is here..

It has been 47 minutes (and counting) since March turned into April. Sometimes i feel like the time is flying by TOO fast. It seemed like i had just finished Form 6 last month. Hmm.

Neways, met and old classmate which i have not seen for like.. almost 2 years plus. It's great to see her again.

Work was great. Although had a little headache at first because we were out of RM1, RM5 and even RM10. Aijoh, luckily, all the customers were okay. The other day, i helped an uncle to pick up this medicine containing salicyclic acid and lactic acid for treatment of corns, warts and callouses. He came back to look for me the next day but i was off duty and he came back again the next morning but i was in the afternoon shift! He came to see me again at work a few hours ago, showing me that the medicine was effective and we chatted for a while. I'm glad that his big toe turned out okay, because the first time he showed me i almost got a heart attack. The corn on it was so HUGE and ick-y and he told me the doctor wanted to cut it off but he was afraid. It looked much better now. So happy that i got to help someone!

Currently downloading Orange Ball. So far it's only 19.2% completed. So lllllllllllooooooooooonnnggggg... It's been a few days already.

I actually planned to sleep after coming back a few hours ago but since i'm so bored right now.. i'm stuck in front of the PC. Tempted to watch a Doraemon movie i bought for my sis but.. ah.. hehe..

I forgot that it was Scott Moffatt's birthday 2 days ago. He's 23 now... wahh...

I think i'm gonna go play around with my xanga site. It looks so boring neh..

HaPpY ApRiL FoOl'S dAy!!

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