Friday, March 31, 2006

Daisuki des?

* Currently listening to Orange Range's ラヴ・パレード (Love Parade) *

Watched Densha Otoko ~ A True Love Story ~ yesterday and can't help but feeling a tad disappointed. The drama was way much better! Takayuki Yamada did not make a big impact on me as Densha-kun.. i think he wasn't able to potray the character properly. Miki Nakatani looked like she's ten times older than Densha that she could be his mother. But nonetheless, she's quite a beautiful lady. And Yamada-san's not bad at all after he revamped himself.
I have no idea how to rate the movie, because most of the time it made me go, "Huh, what the hell happened?" There were a few loopholes here and there and i was quite confused most of the time throughout the movie. The thing that kept me entertain was The Three Soldiers (Densha's forum friends).. the scenes where they pretended they were in a war were hilarious. I laughed at them so much.
And yeah, i anticipated Love Parade at the end of the show. When the sound of bass came, i was so excited because it sounded so different. And hell yeah, it was different! The only instrument was bass (muz be from Yoh-san!), and Hiroki sang his part and the two choruses and ended with Ryo rapping to his part. No Yama-chan. No "Oh, bay-be, kono basho de kimi to de ai.. Oh, bay-be, kimi no egao tomo no atooshi wo.. Oh bay-be, chikara ni kae tsuki susume.. Oh, bay-be, kimi to boku no rabu parado.. "*sob*sob* I was like, "Heh? Urmm.." But it's nice to hear Hiroki's sexy, coarsey voice.. I felt close to him. Ryo's rapping was quite cool, but it's obvious that i can hear him breathe in very loudly like he did it in one go or something. Hehe.

Gave my store manager my resignation letter already, so my last day of work will be on the 30th April 2006. Can't wait!!

Oh baby, this is the place that we meet at
Oh baby, your smile, my friends urging me on
Oh baby, it changes into strength, pushes forward
Oh baby, it's our love parade

The cover of ラヴ・パレード (Love Parade). Interesting huh?

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  1. hahaha, ryo chan always breathe in loudly when he prepares to sing another part~ which makes me laugh~ but i know its really hard work to sing... ;p


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