Thursday, March 30, 2006


A little quickie post because my brother needs to use the PC.

Couldn't resist my temptation and bought Desha Otoko the movie version. I got so excited when i saw Orange Range at the back cover. I read at that Love Parade is the OST for this movie. YOkatta!! Gonna watch after thislor!

Had a great working day. Too bad that i had finished my resignation letter and will be passing it up later at work. Kind of having second thoughts. Heehee.

I seem to like potatoes a lot since i've started being a vegetarian since 17th March 2006. Everytime i see the word potato, i would start drooling. Not such a good thing since i'm the kind of person who HAS to eat rice no matter what happens. Carbs here, carbs there, carbs everywhere! *guffaws*

Gotta go! Goodnitez!

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