Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The tension is HIGH

I so need a new computer. Currently, the one i'm having now is almost falling apart. It can't play CDs, floppy disks are unacceptable and i'm going nuts!!!!! AGGGGGHHHHH! OH GOD help me so! The PC is so a goner.

Anyways, went to KLCC as planned and spent almost.. ALMOST RM500. Bought meself Oricon Style (3rd April), Ultra Veat volume 114 (cost me RM60.95, i must have been crazy!), CLEO, JUNON (which i gave my sis anyways cos there's Lead's stuff in it), The Harmony Silk Factory by Tash Aw (i like his name) and a book as a present for Aimi's birthday which is agh! today!!
But the happiest thing is, i made an order for BLOOD RANGE. I would like to thank Ms. Y.Mee (can't remember was it Yoke Mee or Yee Mee?) for her effort to search about it and confirming with me. It'll take one month but erm.. nevermind. Nevertheless, i'm so excited!
Oricon Style has one page on T&C meets Orange Range CM but they didn't put Yoh's pic! Alamak! The pic of Hiroki making his wallpaper is so cute.. aaaaahhhhhhh
Ultra Veat has a 4-page write up on their MUSIQ '005 tour (the one in the DVD) and i realised that there are a few tracks which weren't put in the DVD like Papa, Mission in..., Beat Ball, Oh! Yeah and another.. i can't read kanji! HELP!
Started reading a few pages of The Harmony Silk Factory (Tash Aw won an award for this) but it's kinda slow for me. Maybe i haven't gotten my reading momentum back. =P
CLEO of course, it's the Eligible Bachelor season so i got to drool over the lads. Not as good-looking as Orange Range but some of them have great smiles. *go weak in the knees*

Went to Tower Records and bought Wang Lee Hom's japanese album, Hear My Voice, Jason Mraz's Mr. A-Z and 12 Girls Band's Romantic Energy/Dunhuang. And the fella gave a sample of Barry Manilow's new CD as a gift. What the.. Anyways, i got so excited when i flipped thru the booklet of Dunhuang and found something that i had been anticipating for a while:
Track 11: 作曲Composer: ORANGE RANGE
So proud.. ehehe.. i bought the album because of that track and i was curious about 12 Girls Band's type of music.. but it's a good CD tho. thee hee. They even had the Winter Sonata theme song!
Hear My Voice is a good one too. It's weird listening to Lee Hom singing in Japanese but he carried it of well. And of course, his voice is always fantastic. To me, Wang Lee Hom and David Tao are some of the male Chinese artists which have really great voices. The album has the Japanese versions of 你不在, 你和我 (Hear My Voice, which is slower) and a few other i dunno the title. It's my 1st Wang Lee Hom album and i'm quite satisfied. I don't really like it when he attempts hip-hop. Just too weird.
Mr. A-Z didn't go down to well with me on the 1st listening. It has to try again.

In addition, i bought myself a new wallet from Roxy and heels (the short ones) from Vincci. Went shopping in Guardian too. Bought a lip gloss which i don't need. Ate ice-cream which had cost me RM19.45 (including tax) in Haagen Dazs (correct spelling ah?)

I spoilt myself too much yesterday. Aiyoh.

I've finished typing my resignaton letter. Good. But i still need to go through my uni application againla. So lazy. Screw.

to dearest

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