Saturday, March 25, 2006

it's all about the MUSIQ

YAY! I had finally watched the DVD! It was great.. dem choon eh..
I really like the opening, before the guys went on stage.. when they played KA-RI-SU-MA (extended a lil) .. the lightings were just beautifully done and when the boys banged onstage with CHESUTO.. i'd almost jumped off my chair! The boys were so HIGH, jumping up and down.. head-bangings.. i was impressed! I wish i was there. The arrangement of crowd was proper and the crowd were divided into several sections. But the distance of the crowd from the stage is quite far, i wonder how did the fans survive not being close? =P
I didn't frequent scene-changings when they were playing fast songs tho, got a headache watching them.

Hiroki was so adorably cute.. jumping up and down.. such a hyperactive lad he is. I couldn't believe it when i read in yukimi's xangasite that he has asthma. It's amazing that he can still perform with full of energy and style. And he did erm.. do the crotch-wiping thingie dduring Shanghai Honey and he did more during Locolotion! Pervert!
Yoh was so cool.. so macho.. he wore his shades and played his bass.. minding his own business. He was mostly.. erm.. expressionless. heh. But he still managed to make my sis and i drool.
Naoto looked so sexy with his hair and he's such a good guitarist! , HOTTIE alert! Unfortunately, didn't get to hear any of the 3 instrumentalists talk. Hmm.. shy leh?
Yamato was so funny (and skinny!).. he was constantly shaking his hips from side to side.. suits his thin frame.. i really liked it when he showed lots of emotions while singing.
Ryo..big clothes leh.. but still choon and i loved him the most during SP Thanx, *~Asterisks~, Hana and Rakuyou. He looked so handsome during SP Thanx and Rakuyou.. his expressions.. wahh.. hen shuai.. =D and
Katchan! OMG, he looked so happy.. smiling and drumming his heart out! He melted my heart then and there.. Everytime there was a shot of him, my heart leaped out and i would follow him shaking his head from side to side.. So cute. And i like his hair in there. Nice.

I enjoyed every minute of the DVD. The boys were so energetic, great showmanship.. ah.. i envy those who had been to an Orange Range concert. You guys are so lucky!
I loved the part where they introduced themselves and did a lil solo. My faves are Naoto's and Yoh's. I have always been a fan the sounds of bass and Yoh looked so hot fingering (!!!) the strings! Naoto's was so cool too! Made me wanna start learning guitar even more.
But the solos would have been better if they did them a little longer.

And i like the disco ball during Danshi-ing Session. High! Woo-hoo..

But the last song, Rakuyou was the one that made me (and my sis!)cry. Seeing Yamato and Katchan cried really broke my heart. Who would have thought both of them would cry? Yamato is so funny and Katchan is one happy boy so it really, really got me when they both cried. I wonder what went through their heads when they cried. For Katchan especially, was he already thinking of quitting at time? For it would be his last tour.. Typing this down is really hard for me. And Yama-chan, he looked like a little boy at that time. I wanted to hug both of them so badly. The images of them crying kept playing over and over in my head, and i tried my best not to cry at work. I felt so sad. Katchan was quick in getting his composure back for the final bow but Yamato was so... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. i wanna hug him! He looked like a little boy who had just lost his mummy! We replayed the last song and after that, I went to bed with tears on my face. I wanted to know so badly what went through their heads. Hiroki and Ryo controlled themselves well, and Naoto looked satisfied. Yoh, well.. can't see much of his expressions behind his shades. And the DVD ended with SP Thanx and a few random clips which were so touching too. I cried so badly. My brother thought it was ridiculous though. Screw him!

Overall, i dare say that the DVD will be watched by me over and over and over again. And i hope they will come out with a DVD of their Natural tour. But it'll be cho sad cos Katchan won't be there to entertain me with his drumming, smiles and him, himself.

To Fang: Heyz, thanks for dropping by! They made the crybaby in me pop out!

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  1. yep, the dvd is REALLI GOOD~! cried so much when i was watching it, but i think they r happy tears~ n i'm so proud of the boys, because its a realli good performance~! ;p


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