Friday, March 24, 2006

SUPER-duper excited!

I was thinking about my MUSIQ live 2oo5 tour DVD when my sis came back from school and started smiling one kind and making those weird eeeeeevvvvvvvvvil laughs. Suspecting something, i chased her to her room, screaming and i realized that my DVD had finally arrived. She hid it in her closet! Darn.. anyways.. YES! It had arrived. It's here in front of me, tempting me to go and play it but i can't, since my dad's watching the news and i'm currently going through my uni application. I'm having a little headache from reading all the list of degree courses and qualifications from various universities (i went through 3 and i'm already exhausted!) and have yet to decide.

Let's talk about the DVD first. Wait. *Screams excitedly* I've finally got my DVD!!!! YAYZZZ!!!!! *kisses the DVD* muaks!muaks! The orange-red cover with LIVE MUSIQ from LIVE TOUR 005 "musiQ" at MAKUHARI MESSE 2005.04.01 printed on it excites me even more! I can't wait.. AGGGGHHHHHHHH.. i've got to finish going thru my application so that i can watch it.
Hiroki, Yamato, Katchan, Naoto, Ryo and Yoh.. please wait for me neh? Ima, ai ni yukimasu. ^^

Shitty (city), shitty boy, shage na bay-bey..
Hana bi ranou, youni chidi uku nakade, yume metai ni, kimi ni de..
Ya ya ya ya ya ya ZUNG ZUNG FUNKY MUSIQ all night!
Kirikirimai! Kirikirimai! (souza souza)
Get it on, let's get it on!
Searching for a beautiful days and every day and every day.. YEAH
Itsu mo manuka? Oh suru tanuka?

* Gets serious * I'm still clueless bout which course i wanna take in uni. So far, mass comm tops the list but i can't help wanting to do Physics because i had really enjoyed it when i was preparing for STPM. The happy feelings when i manage to solve problems are just so.. memorable. I kinda miss doing maths too. I got really excited when my sis asked me questions and i was able to solve them. So proud that i'm still able to remember. But Chemistry and Biology are big NO-NOs. Seriously. My grandmother would be disappointed of my choice for not wanting to do medical. (actually, she has this thing of me being a pilot so that i can fly her to visit us often.. or at least, i should marry one. hyuk, hyuk)

Ah! i forgot to add something to my last post. When i was in 1U yesterday, i went into Tower Records and found out Natural is on the 2nd position in the Japanese/Korean top 10 selling CDs chart! Yokatta! I felt sssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo proud. I hope i didn't make too much noise when i was there. It's not like there were any other customers. =P

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  1. hi fang here~! good luck for the application~ the dvd is realli good~ i cried watching to it~! ;p


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