Friday, March 24, 2006


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2 posts in less than 24 hours! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I went to One Utama with Yale today. I drove! Woo-hoo! It's been awhile since i've seen her so it was a good meet-up. Although short, and we didn't watch any movie because most screened are not really up to my liking. We sat in A&W and talked about life and future plans. Hers are all well mapped up, and mind.. of course still a bit blurry.
Anyways, got meself a new waist pouch from radioactive. AGH! I was tempted to buy another bag from there but thankfully, she dragged me out of the shop before i lost my resistance. But i regretted not buying it.. it's not always that i shop for stuff. Found a lot of nice clothes in the Padini concept store too. Fell in love with a top but ended up not buying it so that i can splurge on Japanese mags which have Orange Range in them.. haihz
Bought a new water bottle for the hammies as and a shampoo! I need to wash them up soon cause they stink! Stinky Stinkos! Had a great time looking at dogs in Pets Wonderland. Would like to own a few but the responsibilities of a dog owner.. fuh! Well, not only dogs, other pets as well. Should pay more attention to the hammies!

I should go through my uni application soon cause the closing date is reaching. Yikes!
I'm having second thoughts. I dunno whether i should go on doing mass comm like how i've always wanted to or pursue a science course. My dad wondered why i wanted to take up mass comm since i had been doing sciences all my freaking school life. I have no idea either. Heh. Neways, i'll check the application later in the evening after workla. Too lazy to do it now. And i'm supposed to sleep. Got work!

Recently, my eyesight has been getting from bad to worse. Quite dangerous especially i've been driving around often lately. And it's so horrible when i drive at night. So scary. I so hope and pray that i will not bang anyone and end up taking their lives. I would rather have me dead than someone else dead because of my mistake. I need to get my eyes checked up and get new glasses as soon as possible! Been thinking about wearing contacts but ah.. since the infection scare is an issue right now, i think i better not. But i'm so sick of glasses now. Keep slipping of me nose. Maybe i should get the Vision Therapy Eyewear glasses. Heh. Wonder if it really works.

Wanted to scanned a few pictures of Orange Range and Wang Lee Hom but ah.. too late la. My eyes are kind of tired. Got excited bout Wang Lee Hom for a while cause we found out that he has his own myspace. I think he's still in Malaysia right now eh? Yeah, he's supposed tobe. I don't own one, don't plan to.. anyways. Maybe once i've quitted my job i can start playing around with the internet. Learn all the funky techniques and make my blog look nicer. What do you think about that? *yawnz*

Better end here. Or i'll keep on going and going and going until i can't wake up properly later in the morning. Nites!

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