Thursday, March 23, 2006

Laugh out loud

I havent been able to use the internet since last Sunday. Something about error in connecting. So i decided to give TMNET a call and voila! problem solved. Cheh so easy, so i don't want to go into details.

I had finally watched Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu for the SIXTH time. I cried for almost all the scenes. ehehehe.. so dumb but neh, i enjoyed it so much that i can't get enough of it! Listening to the OST replays the scenes in my mind.. on and on and on.. ahhhhh...

My sister downloaded the soundtrack of Pride too. Ah, FYI, Pride is a Japanese drama which was aired on 8TV last year (or was it last 2 years?) starring the oh-so-lovely Yuko Takeuchi and one of Japanese hotties, Takuya Kimura *drools*. I regretted not buying the DVD when i was in Tower Records the last time. Cheh. Nevermind. I'm gonna buy it soon.
About the soundtrack, i enjoyed almost all the tracks. I like the instrumental version of Queen's I Was Born To Love You. The song (the original version) is the opening theme of the drama. I wanna watch again and once i have it , i'll talk about it , kayz?
To Yuen: This show's quite nice oso! I'll lend it to you once i have it. =P

Oh, and can you believe it? I haven't got my MUSIQ LIVE 2005 TOUR DVD yet! *sob*sob*
5 more days to the release of BLOOD RANGE and i don't have any infos on it! So sad!

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