Sunday, March 19, 2006

Cough, cough..

I went to to listen to the preview of Squeezed and almost fainted. I mean, seriously.. i've never been a fan of remixes except for Linkin Park's Reanimation and Collision Course with Jay-Z. The tracks there are just.. i don't know what to say. I wanted to laugh, i wanted to cry, i wanted to jump around.. There's a remix of Hana for God's sake! I was like, "HUH? What the.." And they made Kirikirimai dance-able!!! Actually that's quite okay.. Chesuto sounds a bit hip-hoppish but at least i look forward to Natural Pop cos the piano part is really nice.. and also Locolotion.. Conclusion: I'll wait til i get my hands on the album before i say anything more. =P

Aiyoh, i've been browsing around cdjapan and yesasia to understand the method of payment from items i wanna buy.. I'm planning on purchasing all Orange Range's singles and albums that i don't have and also a few CDs/DVDs i have in mind. Sigh. I can't understand a single thing. Haiz.

I am supposed to go through my uni application again but i'm too darn lazy to do it. In fact, i don't even wanna look at it. I don't even know what i wanna do with my life. Actually, i do but.. let's not go there. Let's not even touch the subject of my dream.

At work today, i had four friends coming at the store to buy stuff and ended up talking to them and not actually doing any other work. Ptthh.. First, was Yuen (and her cute lil bro, *winks*), then it was Jocelyn (wif her mum), followed by Foong Yee (i got to talk to her mom too!) and lastly, a junior which i'm trying my best to remember his name. Sorry, dude.. i have short term memory leh..

And i've survived two days being a vegetarian!! Woo-hoo!!! Long way more to go!

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  1. COngrats!!

    Nice seeing you that day! and i'm still craving for more skittles.

    And i STILL can't hear the music in ur blog. It just can't play =(

    neways, i'll catch you soon.

    All the best in ur decision making.



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