Friday, March 17, 2006

I see the light

My STPM results were OK. It was beyond my expectation (and at least the freaky dream didn't come true!) btw, so i'll put it here.
General Studies: A-
Maths: B-
Physics: B-
Chemistry: C+
I expected the A from GS, but i was quite shocked to get a B for Maths because the 2 papers were really, really tough. I remembered i wasn't able to answer at least 50% of the questions. Even my mom was quite surprised. Physics result was quite unbelievable too, but i guess my hard work paid off cos i paid a lot of attention to it. Chemistry, was well.. Thank GOD i didn't fail. Ehehehehe.
I was really anxious before i found out my results. I was at work and everone was like, " What time are you going to get it?","What do you expect to get?".. i told myself that i didn't want to bother getting to know my results until i get home but i was so curious that i sneaked to my locker to have a look at my phone. I had 2 missed calls (from my aunt), and 5 messages, one of them being from my dad. After reading his, i went ballistic and even cried for 5 seconds! I was glad that my everything paid off well.. and adding more tears was my dad's last word in the msg, "Congrats." Believe it or not, it was actually the 1st time my dad congratulated me so i was darn proud. =P
Getting messages from equally anxious friends made me realized that a lot of people actually.. cared. =)
Anyways, i'm glad that my life is not so gloomy anymore. I'm quite satisfied and i look forward to my uni life, which will only start in July. Right now, i'm glad that i made it.
To Emma: Thank you so much! I didn't dance around though, but i'm sure gonna celebrate with Orange Range songs!
To Yuen: Congrats girl! Oh, actually, the HTML does work. It's just that my song files can go missing by themselves, whenever they want to.. or reappearing, whenever they want to. Eheh.

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