Friday, April 21, 2006

My moment of happiness..

Today is the day. 21st April 2006. I'm gonna go get my BLOOD ORANGE!!! YAY!!!!

To Tinanit: I'll try to scan them but i think it'll be a little difficult because of the material of zee book! Maybe i'll just take some pictures.. =P

The forum's doing great.. me so happy..

better go sleep.. ZZZZZZZzzzzz


  1. hahaha... happiness of having Blood Orange. how much does it cost again? thanks a lot for ur help in taking pics of the pics in Blood Orange(sounds kinda weird this sentence). o_O anyway, be happy la wif ur THICK mag! i'll juz wait for more pics to be posted in the forum! :D i've invited other ppl to join the forum as well. hope they'll be members soon! it's quite quiet for the last 2 days... O_O *listening to ishin denshin... and karaoke! mwahahaha...*

  2. MisZ TaNiuChi4/22/2006 5:48 am

    ah!! YEAY~~ Blood Range got cho many pictures.. O__o;; i think like its more than LEAD's ones.. plus, thats for 3 years pictures right? No wonder cho many.. at least, still got Katchan's pictures! XD post post post!! XD Activate the forum! XD GANBATTE yo! oh yea, going to port dickson.. T.T Jya ne..gonna miss ya! take care of the forum!



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