Saturday, April 22, 2006

My cheeks are hurting..

Because i have been smiling tOo much!

Of course, to those who know me and my obsession with Orange Range.. i would like to announce that.. I am.. in fact, a proud owner of:


The bOok.. and a sesated cat which i bought from Teddy Tales.. teehee..

Yessu! I have gotten the bOok! Paid RM98.60 for it but it was worth it. I love the pictures in it! I'm so happy! Orange Range makes me happy! I love these fellas! WOOO-HooOoo ~
I'm so happy. Although there are a lot of interviews which i am dying to know the contents of.. i think i'll drown meself with the pictures first!!!! Ooohohohohohohoho..
Orange Range overload.. *faints*

Me & my bloOdy BLOOD ORANGE

Hiroki, mid-range vocals

Naoto, guitar

Ryo, low-range vocals

Yamato, high-range vocals

Yoh, bass *muaks*

Katchan, drums (not anymore) *sobz*

One of my favourite pictures from the bOok:

Beautifully taken by the photographer.. and Hiroki's eyes are so gorgeous! *winkz*

Oh.. and this is what i had for lunch in KLCC's food court:

YOSHINOYA's Teriyaki Chicken with Miso soup.. =P Oiishi!!

ToOk this photo from KINOKUNIYA's stationeries section.. nothing better to do!

Choon annot?

Watched the T&C meets Orange Range commercial already. So cute!!! And nicely done...

Last but not least.. before i end..

I wonder what were the questions asked and answered..

My meow meow. Love the eyes! Call her Mew Mew. My favourite Pokemon is Mew. But i dunno where to find the plush toy. Hmmmzzz...

HAPPY WeeN (impossibly available in any McDonald's outlet)

Ja~ GoOdnites!


  1. MisZ TaNiuChi4/22/2006 5:53 am

    O__o enough with the smiling.. wait, this post didn't appeared just now.. BAKA.. =__=;; anyways, nice-su pictures! XD and lookie...yummy.. FOOD! XD *Lene is cho hungry right now* kyaa~lookie Hiroki's eyes.. pretty.. ^^ anyway, need to say this again? Gonna miss ya!! Jya NE! T_T I wish you could go too... jya matta ne!

  2. SUGOIIIIIIII!!!!!! >_< all of them look so handsome! XD thankx for uploading the pics! Hiroki's eyes ARE gorgeous! hehehe... and Yoh's hair is so wavy! nice-su! maybe Yoh ought to keep long hair. wad do ya think? love to see u update ur blog! looking forward to it!

  3. Weeeeeehee Ryo looks so kakkoii in the pic o_O (yes i'm starting to like Ryo now XDD) Chun piccus!!! And yummeh teriyaki <33 Exact same menu which i had last Tuesday XDD


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