Thursday, April 27, 2006

I am one happy girl.

Nevermind the fact that the forum's not doing so well and it's darn quiet. Nevermind the fact that i hate my job and i can't wait til my last day which is Sunday. Nevermind the fact that i can't seem to lose weight. Nevermind the fact that i need to get my hair chopped off like Yoh's previous style. Nevermind the fact that i'm supposed to allocate time to go through the Japanese boOk that i borrowed. Nevermind the fact that i'm still pondering on what colour i should dye my hair with.

Because the most important thing right now is...


Oh dear GOD!!!! I think it is the happiest and cutest Orange Range video i have ever seen in my whole entire life being a fan of them! I've never seen the boys having so much fun before.. so when i saw the video, with them dancing, laughing, having fun, doing stupid, cute, entertaining, happy stuff, it made so happy!!!! I laughed and smiled a lot after watching it the first time and i am still smiling!!! I love the video! I really do.. It is full of joy and happiness. Orange Range's happiness. I should spread it around! XP

Fans of Orange Range will surely love the video as much as i do. I mean, Ryo, did this sexy hula dance.. i dont really know how to explain.. i mean, he put his hands up to his head and shoOk his hips side to side. Very funny, yet so cute!!!!! And Yamato, his hair was a lil off but he is so darn adorable. He did a lot of funny things! From rabbit-hopping to pretending to be sleeping.. and he wore suspenders! Hiroki coloured his hair again! Naoto smiled so much.. that it made me happy. Yoh, was well.. being Yoh? Not much of his shots.. but he loOked gOod cos he tied his hair up into a half ponytail. I love it!!!

And the song! You can just sing along to it even though you don't know the words! I was trying so hard to try singing along to Ryo's part! And the chorus! Yay! So uplifting! So.. hmm.. i can't describe. Full of energy.. and HAPPINESS! YEAH.. happy!!!!!

I'm so glad that the single will be out sOon. It's been lonely without them around. Hehe. Orange Range is back in action to make more number one singles!! YEAH!!!!!

I'm happy. I'm so happy that i could cry right now. I have never ever thought that behind the language barrier, 5 Japanese guys could make me so happy. Okay, make it 6 cos Katchan makes me happy tOo! ;D Although i've been a big fan of other artists before.. i think, this is certainly, the first time a band could make me so happy.

I'm pretty sure that my friends and all of you reading this, think that i am being ridiculously obssessed by a band. "Hey, you're already 20! Supposed to stop being a fanatic of something!" or "Grow up!!!!" Well you know what? To hell with it! I'm doing things that are making me happy. Listening to Orange Range makes happy. Watching Orange Range makes me happy. Loving Orange Range makes me happy. Orange Range makes me happy.

If it makes me happy, why do i need changes? I love Orange Range. I wanna meet them and thank them for making me happy. I'm not crazy. I'm still sane. Though blurcase-ness runs down the family, i am perfectly sane. Don't worry. I won't end up in a mental institution. I might if i don't get to watch and listen to Orange Range anymore. AAAHHHH.. I so wanna meet these fellas and give them big hugs and kisses for always making me happy.. and for making me feel that i am not at all, alone in this world. And how i should enjoy my life and make the most of it. Because you've only get one chance. And you can't screw it. No, no.

And for that, i thank you, Hiroyama Naoto, Miyamori Yoh, Hokama Hiroki, Ganeko Yamato, Kitao Kazuhito and Miyamori Ryo for giving me the best-est presents ever : your music, your talents, your hopes and dreams and your happiness. With all my heart, I thank Orange Range for everything.

Gambatte yo~! Make more music and keep on rocking! Orange Range rocks!

Orange Range daisuki! Hontouni daisuki! *winks* ^^


  1. hahaha~ its good that u r SO HAPPY~ orange range has this contagious thingie that gets to everyone~ trying to b more active in the forum~ but a little bit tired these days~ let's work hard together to make the forum a better forum~!

  2. wow! Orange Range is ur happiness! good la. they also make me happy whenever i listen to their songs! i cant see much of them anymore after i end up in Matrics! *sob* need a mp3 quickly. but mum so lokek. hmph! hopefully i can influence some ppl to like Orange Range in matrics, too! kekekeke... i'm so evil! forum is quiet... coz i malas wanna comment. sorry ya! i'll try to comment alot alot when my mind's active! :D

  3. hahahahhaha... everything NEVERMIND..

    yessu! yessu! yessu!! CHAMPION really makes you become a CHAMPION! XD Orange Range ureshi katta in the PV! XD kawaiiii!!

    *laughs nonstop* yea.. I remember Ryo's dancing.. XDDDD cho hilarious!!!! Thats the first time I saw, totally crazy.. I mean, he always cho serious.. (control handsome la katakan.. XD)
    YAMATO! I love his hair... (he looks like a girl.. XP) but`totally kawaii.. hahaha.. that rabbit-hopping!! XD
    Honestly I said, er.. Hiroki's hair.. O__o;; not nice.. XP
    NAOTO~!!!!!! I'm in love him now!! Cho kawaiiiii ne!!!!RABU!RABU!RABU!! haha... YOH.. er.. I like it when he did the hand.. (teropong.. XD)

    CHAMPION! kyaAA~~ that song cho happy-golucky!! makes me happy!!

    Who cares if you're 20!?!??!?!! You are FORBIDDEN to stop from loving Orange RAnge!!! XD You can even be a dancing-grandma when you listen to Champion when you're old.. O__o;; whoa.. hahahaha.. go on!!!! Orange Range is already the part of your life!!! You should love them till the end!! Don't bother what other says!! XD

    Cus' I'm really glad that Orange Range makes you cho happy!! ^^


  4.'s lyk reading mah own journal! i know wat u mean bout loooooving Orange Range!!!!! Anddd yesss...Ryo's dancing made meeh go insane that it made me teary!! I loveeeee emmm sooo mcuh as well!!!! ...and u kno wat's the creeepiest thing?? i named ma journal "I'm one happy dude"...xcept im a ghurl..
    nweiz...Orange Range fans stick togetherrrr!!!! glad that ur obsessed wid emm...!
    i wish lala....


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