Monday, March 13, 2006


I couldn't believe Clint and Bob Moffatt were in Malaysia last week. How come i didn't know wanz? They were here to promote their album, The Meaning of Being Happy, which will be released on the 24th of April. Other than that, they watched our 1st Malaysian Idol, Jaclyn Victor perform in Planet Hollywood on Sunday and had decided to record a number with her. Whoopie!!! Hehehe.. oh, and they are called Same Same now. ^_^

I had finished watching Desha Otoko/Trainman (drama version) few days ago. Apparently, i bought the wrong DVD! Instead of buying the movie version, i bought the drama version! Nevermind though, it was good. Started a little slowly cause i didn't know the cast except for the lead actress.
Well, the story is about an otaku, Yamada Tsuyoshi (a term given to anime-pc-games-etc freaks who devote their whole life to anime, computers, consoles, figurines, voice-over actresses and those related), who saved a very good-looking girl(high class, girl next door), Aoyama Saori from a drunken old perverted man in a train. Of course he fell for her, but due to the fact that he is an otaku, he feared that he might not get a chance to be with her. He joined a single men's thread in Aladdin channel and got overwhelming support from the members to court Saori. From helping him change his style, how to impress her and so on. A wonderful story, quite funny at times, especially the thread members. We have a wannabe soldier(who decorated his room so that it'll look like a warzone in an isolated jungle), a guy with a funny hair and his girlfriend, the pervert, another otaku, a punk/rock fan, an old man, a pilot, a well-suited businessman, a fallen basketball player and lots more.
The beautiful thing about this show is the description of how some of the thread members's lives changed for the better when they saw Yamada's determination to be with Saori. Although the were ups and downs, the show had a happy ending.
My favourite episode would be the last one. The scene where Saori was waiting for Yamada to confess his love (or like?) for her was so touching. I think it potrayed the true feelings of a girl waiting for a guy that she likes to confess his love. I think any girl would love that. And when they both cried... ahhh.....
Itoh Atsushi did an awesome job as an otaku that i was like, "Iyyee, this fella so pitiful..". I couldn't believe when he turned into not bad looking fella but still capable of mantaining the otaku-ness of his character. And he cried.. very well. *sob*
Itoh Misaki was so beautiful. Her smile is like.. WHOA!! No wonder she looked familiar.. she acted in The Queen of Lunchtime alongside Takeuchi Yuko as the adorable vegetable provider, Tomato-chan.
Kudos to the actors/actresses as well. I enjoyed it. Must go get the movie. =P Oh, and the show is based on a true story.. whoa..

And i still haven't got back my Ima, Ai Ni Yukimasu. I'm gonna search for the DVD.. AND the drama version too. How can i not? Orange Range songs are in it. Heh. I still haven't got my Musiq 2005 live tour DVD yet. Kwaiiii tieenn ahhh!!!...

I'd like, like to get to know you better.

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